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Sharing AWS Outposts in a multi account AWS environment: Part 1

This post is written by Karl Schween, Principal Solutions Architect at AWS. This post is part one of two part series ‘Sharing AWS Outposts in a multi account AWS environment’ providing you guidance and considerations for sharing AWS Outposts and Amazon S3 on Outposts in a multiple AWS Account environment. AWS Outposts is a fully […]

Manage AWS resources in your Slack channels with AWS Chatbot

**This post was written while the feature to manage AWS resources in Slack channels was in public preview. This feature is now generally available. The information contained within this post is still relevant and helpful.** DevOps and engineering teams are increasingly moving their operations, system management, and CI/CD workflows to chat applications to streamline activities […]

Use AWS License Manager API operations to manage your Oracle licenses based on Oracle cloud policy

Use AWS License Manager API operations to manage your Oracle licenses based on Oracle cloud policy

Learn with Shree on how to use AWS License Manager API operations to manage your Oracle licenses (for databases running on Amazon RDS for Oracle, Amazon EC2 and on-premises servers) based on Oracle cloud policy. Additionally, learn how to use the built-in integration of License Manager API operations with AWS CloudTrail to prepare for vendor audit.

Running bash commands in AWS CloudFormation templates

Oftentimes we find customers who want to extend their AWS CloudFormation templates by running a few lines of code during template execution. For example, to call an external API. In these cases, customers were directed to use either custom resources, resource types, or macros to accomplish the task. This is such a common pattern that […]

Bring your own CLI to Session Manager with configurable shell profiles

In keeping with the principle that identity is the new perimeter, AWS Systems Manager Session Manager provides a mechanism for authenticated and authorized AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) principals to gain data-plane shell access to Amazon EC2 instances, without setting up a traditional SSH pathway for access. It has become an indispensable tool for […]

secure devops pipeline AWS Service Catalog

Creating a secure DevOps pipeline for AWS Service Catalog

Many AWS customers I speak with want to manage their AWS services using infrastructure as code (IaC) and DevOps practices for managing, versioning, and deploying products and portfolios. A best practice is deploying infrastructure templates from a continuous delivery (CD) pipeline with validation. In so doing, you can provide the AWS services your users need […]

Use new resource types in AWS Resource Groups to support day-to-day operations

AWS Resource Groups recently announced its support for additional resource types, including Amazon DynamoDB tables, AWS CloudTrail trails, Amazon SageMaker models, and many more. This blog post will walk you through some examples of how you could use AWS Resource Groups, and its new resource type support to drive some of your day-to-day operations. AWS […]