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Improve governance and business agility using AWS Management and Governance videos

Curious to find solutions for managing your business on AWS? We always look at different ways to better serve our customers. One of the ways is to offer you video-based hands-on solutions addressing the common challenges faced by enterprises in managing and governing their AWS environments. Here’s a summary of videos published in AWS Management and Governance YouTube channel. These videos are created by AWS subject matter experts aimed at helping our customers in enabling, provisioning, and operating their environments in AWS.

Automated configuration compliance and auditing

These videos help you automate, manage, verify, and audit your resources to enforce configuration compliance.

Monitoring and observability

These videos help you visualize, analyze, and improve the health, performance, and availability of applications.


Open and custom resource provisioning

These videos help you build and provision AWS resources and help your distributed teams innovate faster.

Governance at scale

These videos help you build, operate, and manage your resources using prescriptive guidance and AWS best practices.

Centralized and automated operations management

These videos help you get a consolidated view of operational data for AWS and third-party resources and automate operational tasks.

This list keeps growing as we include new solutions that solve our customer’s challenges. Please subscribe to our AWS Management and Governance YouTube channel to get updates on addition of new videos. Happy learning!!!

About the Author

Harshitha Putta is a Cloud Infrastructure Architect with AWS Professional Services in Seattle, WA. She is passionate about building innovative solutions using AWS services to help customers achieve their business objectives. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing board games and hiking.