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AWS Observability Services and Nobl9 Provide Quick and Easy SLO Monitoring

Learn how OutSystems uses AWS observability services and Nobl9 to establish and implement Service Level Objectives (SLOs) that consistently meet customers’ service availability expectations. What are SLOs? SLOs are essentially targets that are set for a given system’s desired consistency of behavior over time. SLO compliance is tracked based on service level indicators (SLIs), which […]

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Introducing Amazon EKS Observability Accelerator

Observability is critical for any application and understanding system behavior and performance. It takes time and effort to detect and remediate performance slowdowns or disruptions. Customers often spend much time writing configuration files and work quite to achieve end-to-end monitoring for applications. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools, such as AWS CloudFormation, Terraform, and Ansible, reduce manual efforts by […]

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