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How to automatically parse Route 53 Resolver query logs

Introduction For the majority of applications, DNS resolution is an essential requirement, whether they’re running on premises or in the cloud. Inside each of your Amazon VPCs, name resolution is provided by the Route 53 Resolver service. Being the center of all VPC DNS resolution gives Route 53 Resolver unique visibility into any DNS queries […]

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Creating realtime dashboards using Amazon CloudFront logs

Creating real time dashboards using Amazon CloudFront logs Amazon CloudFront is a content delivery network (CDN) that securely delivers static and dynamic web content with low latency and high transfer speeds using a global network of edge locations. Today, CloudFront announced a new feature that delivers logs, which are more detailed, configurable, and available in […]

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Global Data Ingestion with Amazon CloudFront and Lambda@Edge

Special thanks to Raul Frias for contributing to this blog post Lambda@Edge enables you to run AWS Lambda functions globally so that you can process and respond to user requests at low latencies. Running Lambda functions in close geographical proximity to users helps satisfy a number of use cases, such as website personalization, Search Engine […]

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