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Open Source News Roundup: March 9, 2018

X-Ray SDKs

AWS X-Ray Daemon Open Sourced

The AWS X-Ray daemon is now open sourced and available on Github. Learn more about the daemon and AWS X-Ray. We look forward to seeing community contributions integrating X-Ray with other tools and tracing systems.

AWS X-Ray SDK for Ruby (beta)

AWS X-Ray SDK for Ruby (beta) is now available on GitHub. The SDK is compatible with Ruby 2.3 and above and includes support for Rails 5.1 and above with Active Records.

AWS X-Ray Ruby

AWS X-Ray SDK for .NET (version 2.0.0 beta)

AWS X-Ray SDK for .NET (version 2.0.0 beta) is now available on GitHub. The SDK is compatible with .NET framework 4.5 and extends support to .NET Core 2.0.

AWS X-Ray Scatter Sample App

The AWS X-Ray Scatter Sample App on GitHub helps you to see performance and health trends of services in your application over a 3-hour or 7-day time range.

AWS X-Ray Notifications & Alarm Sample App

The AWS X-Ray Notifications & Alarm Sample App on GitHub notifies you when your services have elevated levels of latency, errors, or faults.


The CNCF takes steps toward serverless computing

CNCF’s Serverless Working Group has released a serverless landscape and white paper. – CNCF blog


Docker 5th Birthday Celebration – Palo Alto & Mountain View Edition

The goal of this global celebration is to welcome in our community new Docker users and help them learn Docker through a series of hands-on labs. Advanced Docker users are invited to get involved on-site and act as mentors. Register here.

Amazon ECS Workshop for AWS Fargate

Brent Langston has created an online workshop for getting started using Amazon ECS and Fargate.

Awesome ECS

A curated list of guides, development tools, and resources for Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) by Nathan Peck. This list includes both community created content as well as content created by AWS.

Container Based Crons at Jimdo

A distributed container based cron system built on top of ECS. – Jimdo blog

AWS Fargate Supports Container Workloads Regulated By ISO, PCI, SOC, and HIPAA

Containers running on the AWS Fargate Launch Type now meet the criteria for ISO, PCI, SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3 compliance along with the criteria for HIPAA eligibility. This means container workloads on AWS Fargate can now process regulated financial data or protected health information (PHI). – AWS What’s New

Podcast: Kubernetes on AWS with Arun Gupta

For your listening pleasure: Arun Gupta joined Software Engineering Daily for a podcast on Kubernetes on AWS.


A self-paced workshop designed to allow developers and system administrators to get hands-on with Amazon Elastic Container Service concepts such as service and container-instance auto-scaling, spot-fleet integration, container placement strategies, service discovery, secrets management with AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store, and more. – get it on GitHub


Machine Learning: From Notebook to Production with Amazon Sagemaker

Julien Simon presents at AWS Builders’ Day.

Model Server for Apache MXNet introduces ONNX support and Amazon CloudWatch integration

Now you can serve models in Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX) format and publish operational metrics directly to Amazon CloudWatch, where you can create dashboards and alarms. – AWS Machine Learning blog

Amazon SageMaker support for TensorFlow 1.5, MXNet 1.0, and CUDA 9

Amazon SageMaker now supports Volta-optimized TensorFlow, MXNet, and CUDA 9 for faster machine learning. – AWS Machine Learning blog

New Digital Training to Help You Learn About Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence on AWS

Wondering what it’s all about? Digital Training to Help You Learn About Machine Learning and AI on AWS. – AWS Machine Learning blog

Community Open Source Projects


This module wraps the AWS Parameter Store and adds a caching layer with max-age invalidation. – GitHub


How to Market an Open Source Project

Community, code, contributions – what else does your open source project need? Marketing! Tips on why and how to market your project. – The Linux Foundation

Opening up our Slack Community

The TODO Group have decided to open up our Slack community to everyone to increase knowledge sharing. – TODO Group blog

Other News

AWS Serverless Application Repository

Discover, configure, and deploy serverless applications and components on AWS, and share your own serverless creations! – AWS News blog

AWS takes ‘stewardship’ of FreeRTOS as its continues to build its embedded IoT presence from edge to cloud

FreeRTOS and Amazon: “there are no plans to diverge the kernel; it will be the same version.” Richard Barry in New Electronics

Develop and Extract Value from Open Data

A use case for government organizations using the OpenStreetMap (OSM) dataset, a free, editable map of the world, created and maintained by volunteers and available for use with an open license. – AWS Government, Education, & Nonprofits Blog

AWS Amplify adds support for push notifications in React Native and provides new features for user authentication

AWS Amplify, a declarative JavaScript library for working with cloud services, adds support for push notifications in React Native and provides new features for user authentication – AWS Mobile blog

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