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5 Ways the Cloud Can Drive Economic Development

Government agencies often look to promote new technology for cost-savings and efficiency – but it doesn’t stop there. The second and third-tier effects of technology can be long-lasting for citizens, businesses, and economies.

Our recent whitepaper, 5 Ways the Cloud Can Drive Economic Development, outlines the internal transformation most public institutions experience as a first benefit of cloud adoption. In other words, the cloud drives greater accessibility of data, information sharing, increased productivity, and smarter resource allocation inside the organization.

The downstream benefits of cloud adoption are felt outside the four walls of the organizations. Having evolved digitally, a government agency is better equipped to put reclaimed time and resources toward activities that serve the public. This includes provisioning more tailored citizen services, such as skills training, and quicker, more effective service delivery. The cloud also provides affordable IT services for entrepreneurs, helping them start and scale companies in much faster and more reliable ways. These efforts can pave the way toward new businesses and a more productive workforce, which can be a boon to local economic development.

The authors dive deeper into this premise, with a nod to the cloud’s role in encouraging public-private partnerships and small-business linkages – and to the job opportunities and innovation that come with it. Read the full whitepaper here.

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