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Accelerating Innovation for the Public Sector with the AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace helps governments and other public sector organizations deliver better services faster with cloud-based software through a curated digital catalog. Customers can find, buy, deploy, and immediately start using software and solutions offered by popular software vendors in the online store. With access to more than 4,200 software listings from more than 1,280 Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), public sector customers are able to access both traditional technology and technology from small businesses to operate more efficiently and innovate faster.

AWS Marketplace’s one-click deployment allows users to quickly launch pre-configured software and pay only for what they use, by the hour or month. This flexible pricing model allows for less waste and more focused investment on what agencies need now to achieve their mission, which is good for both government and taxpayers. This simplified procurement process also allows governments to try out new technology quickly and with minimal up-front investment.

Search for what you need now

Within the AWS Marketplace, customers can search within 35 categories. If a customer were looking for ways to transform sensor-based information into predictive maintenance insights that people can act upon quickly, the AWS Marketplace would serve up predictive analytics solutions that meet compliance needs. Or if a customer was looking to quickly and effectively respond to security issues, the AWS Marketplace can identify sellers who can give the visibility needed to perform digital forensics in the AWS environment.

Start small and scale up

Due to the simplified procurement process, more than 160,000 active customers are using software from the AWS Marketplace. For example, the City of Newport in Wales, UK in collaboration with system integrator Pinacl Solutions deployed smart city Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to improve air quality, flood control, and waste management in just a few months—as opposed to the year or more it would have taken using traditional server infrastructure. Through AWS Marketplace, Newport licenses Davra Networks, which runs on AWS IoT.

“Thanks to Davra’s solution on AWS Marketplace, we can mobilize a deployment in a matter of weeks. In the UK public sector, that’s lightning-fast. Clients can start small and scale up as needed without big upfront costs,” Mark Lowe, Strategic Relations Director, Pinacl said.

Dedicated Marketplaces for government’s unique needs

It is not just cities who can make use of the AWS Marketplace, we also have dedicated Marketplaces for our U.S. Government-specific regions, including the region-dedicated to our US Intelligence Community and to our AWS GovCloud (US) Region.

For vetted US government agencies and their partners, the AWS GovCloud (US) Region allows access to software that supports sensitive data and regulated workloads. AWS Marketplace for GovCloud (US) solutions include security, networking, and geographic information systems. Many products offer free trials allowing AWS GovCloud (US) users to “try before they buy.” For example, AWS Marketplace for AWS GovCloud (US) supports Bring-Your-Own-License (BYOL) to help easily migrate and consolidate existing software licenses and applications further simplifying procurement and pricing.

Learn how the AWS Marketplace can accelerate innovation in the public sector.