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Announcing the first international implementation of AWS Educate’s Cloud Degree program with Career Colleges Trust in the UK

The Career Colleges Trust announced a collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to integrate AWS Educate and its Cloud Degree program into a new, two-year cloud qualification which will provide thousands of students with the opportunity to pursue technology careers in the cloud computing industry. The programme of study will launch in early 2020 and will be rolled out in further education institutions and universities across the UK.

The new coursework is being led and designed in collaboration with Julia Von Klonowski, Career Colleges Digital Director, further education college curriculum leaders, universities, and AWS. Through the UK’s Digital Career Colleges, the curriculum will be developed as a pre-university qualification that will prepare students for entry-level technology jobs in cloud computing, such as software development, cloud architecture, data science, networking, and DevOps. It will also provide the option to accrue credits, which students can put towards a full bachelor’s degree in the future.

The development of this curriculum coincides with the UK government’s desire to provide accredited pre-university and industry recognised qualifications, particularly in technology, for post 18-year-olds. The curriculum will be delivered initially at Barking and Dagenham College, a Digital Career College, which has also been selected as one of the Institutes of Technology by the UK government.

The two-year coursework will then roll out to other Digital Career Colleges across the UK, as well as universities, and Career Colleges will support the institutions in delivering the course and the skills needed for students to be successful in their careers.

Learn more about AWS Educate here.

AWS Public Sector Blog Team

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