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New re:Invent sessions for the public sector coming this month

Amazon Web Services (AWS) re:Invent 2020 is not over. Additional content will be released January 12-14, 2021 including more than 200 new no-cost, virtual sessions. Learn more in the AWS re:Invent Public Sector Virtual Attendee Guide and register today.

In the public sector track, watch five new sessions this January on topics from preparing for ransomware to designing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) applications. Hear from customers like the United States Census Bureau and Capella Space in sessions aired first in Americas, then in Asia-Pacific, and finally in EMEA—all available later on demand. Over the course of the three days, you can also Ask the Experts questions to interact with AWS experts and receive answers to your questions live. Public sector track sessions include:

  • Building analytic workloads in highly regulated environments
    • Organizations working within highly regulated environments, such as healthcare, government, and financial services, face unique challenges when building data and analytics workloads. Join this session and learn how to overcome these challenges and drive insights from your data while supporting security and compliance efforts.
  • Designing AI and ML applications for impact
    • AI and ML help organizations improve outcomes with automation, predictive insights, natural language interactions, and data-driven decision making. The AWS Well-Architected Framework helps cloud architects build secure and resilient infrastructure for their applications and workloads. In this whiteboarding session, learn how to design an ML application guided by the AWS Well-Architected Framework.
  • Modernizing engagement for the 2020 United States Census
    • For the first time, households in the United States were able to respond to the 2020 Census Survey online. To make this possible, the US Census Bureau stood up modern, real-time, mission-critical survey response applications in a secure and FedRAMP-compliant cloud environment for Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). In this session, learn how using AWS GovCloud (US) can help quickly modernize applications using multi-Region architectures for enhanced resiliency and security.
  • Ransomware: Be prepared
    • Recent events prove that organizations must continue to be prepared for the possibility of ransomware events. Join this session to learn how to leverage the AWS security self-assessment toolkit and other related AWS services to defend against ransomware. Also, hear key takeaways from the recently released NIST SP 1800-25 and SP 1800-26 ransomware guidance, and learn how to extend the self-assessment toolkit.
  • Using Amazon SageMaker for geospatial imagery with Capella Space
    • Capella Space is leveraging Amazon SageMaker to build complex ML models on Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite imagery. By applying ML to SAR imagery, Capella can begin automatically detecting global events in near-real time without being hindered by weather or time of day. Join this session to learn which approaches can be applied to geospatial use cases and learn architectures for labeling, training, and deploying geospatial ML models on AWS.

Outside of the public sector track, check out public sector customers sharing their stories in sessions including:

Also available: keynotes, leadership sessions, and breakout sessions from December 2020 are now on-demand. Use your existing login credentials or register now to check out all December content on demand and new January content.