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Episode 5: Preparing For A Compliance Audit

Created in conjunction with a five-part Twitch mini-series (March 28 – April 25), these weekly blog posts provide resources and guidance to support the live, 60-minute broadcasts. To sign up and learn more about the series, click here. As we wrap up our five-part blog series on building secure applications, we conclude with one of the […]

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Episode 4: Code is Not Static – App Care

DevOps isn’t just a buzz word. Ok, it’s a little buzzwordy, but the movement is real. The purpose of DevOps is to provide a framework through which organizations can approach application development and operational excellence. It’s part of a strategy to help align culture, people, and processes for success with digital transformation.

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Episode 3: Building Secure Code

Writing code and deploying an application can expose you to security vulnerabilities. This means your security woes don’t end after architecting. This post reviews common application security vulnerabilities, as well as how to build, test, and deploy code to catch vulnerabilities early.

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Episode 2: Securing Your App’s Infrastructure

Before a developer can commit their first line of code, they must think about the security of their application. With a move toward a DevSecOps culture, security is not solely the job of the security team – in the same way that infrastructure and deployment are not the sole responsibilities of the operations team. Developers should partake in both operations and security, as they know their own application best. This blog outlines a framework for thinking about security for your app’s infrastructure and how AWS’ product features can address those concerns.

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Meet the Women Building AWS Technical Communities Around the World

At the center of the AWS technical community are community-led AWS Meetups or User Groups – now over 300 in more than 75 countries. These groups meet regularly to learn about AWS products and services, network with others, gain programming best practices, and more. As these communities continue to expand, it’s exciting to see new communities being formed in smaller, emerging markets, as well as ones focused on underrepresented communities. This fall, AWS launched a diversity scholarship program, inviting engineers to re:Invent on a full scholarship who help lead or co-lead an AWS-focused User Group in an emerging market who also identify with an underrepresented community.

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Analytics Without Limits: FINRA’s Scalable and Secure Big Data Architecture – Part 1

A guest post by John Brady, CISSP, VP Cyber Security/CISO, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) oversees more than 3,900 securities firms with approximately 640,000 brokers. Every day, we watch over nearly 6 billion shares traded in U.S. equities markets—using technology powerful enough to help detect fraud, abuse, and insider trading. In […]

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