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4 steps EdTechs can take to grow their profitability on AWS

Funding sources for education technology (EdTech) companies slowed down in 2023. EdTech leaders must strike the right balance of investment to drive growth, and a return on investment for their owners. Read this blog post for an outline of the profitability framework that Amazon Web Services (AWS) uses with customers. The framework helps EdTechs improve cost efficiency, assess functionality expansion, and grow market share.

Understanding wildfire risk in a changing climate with open data and AWS

The First Street Foundation, a nonprofit research and technology group, is committed to making climate risk information accessible, simple to understand, and actionable for individuals, governments, and industry. As part of the Amazon Sustainability Data Initiative (ASDI), AWS invited Dr. Ed Kearns, the chief data officer of First Street Foundation, to share how AWS technologies and open data are supporting their mission to provide accurate and up-to-date information on climate related risks.

AWSPS_2020 AI ML Week

AWS Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Week is back – Register now

Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions are helping solve some of the biggest short- and long-term challenges within the public sector. But how can you quickly identify new AI-powered opportunities and use cases to solve unique and specific challenges within your organization? AWS AI and ML Week, taking place from September 14-18, includes seven curated webinars from introductory to expert level. Whether you’re new to AI or an experienced machine learning developer, attend our webinars and dive into some of the most common AI use cases for the public sector from this year.