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Yonsei University Accelerates Student’s Cloud Capabilities with AWS Educate

Yonsei University, one of the most prestigious universities in Korea, will migrate its IT infrastructure to the AWS Cloud to prepare itself and its students for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The 4th Industrial Revolution is a term indicating technological trends such as IoT, big data, and cloud computing are expected to create new ways of life and business. Among them, cloud technology is considered a critical enabler of the new revolution across industries including education. As part of an effort to realize the vision of becoming the leading university in highly advanced learning environments, Yonsei University plans to migrate all of the websites for the university and its internal institutions to the AWS Cloud.

At the same time, it expects to introduce AWS Educate as part of its teaching curriculum for about 2,000 students. Additionally, the university is considering introducing Amazon WorkSpaces and the video management service in its computing training facilities. AWS Educate will support the university’s mission by accelerating students’ capabilities on cloud computing skills, helping them to acquire the expertise that is increasingly relevant for their future employment.

President of Yonsei University, Yonghak Kim, said, “Cloud is an essential element to prepare for the 4th Industrial Revolution. With the AWS Cloud services that deliver the broadest and deepest set of functionality and superior performance and security, we will be able to innovate our computing environment while providing world-class educational programs to our students. I hope it will serve as momentum for Yonsei University to become the global prestigious university.”

“A number of prestigious universities around the world are already using AWS Cloud for high scalability and huge cost savings to support their backend mission critical applications, as well as delivering course content more seamlessly,“ said Peter Moore, Asia Pacific Managing Director of Global Public Sector, Amazon Web Services Singapore Private Limited. “I am so pleased that a leading university in South Korea like the Yonsei University is laying the foundation for future innovations with two important initiatives – migrating all of its IT infrastructure to the AWS Cloud and leveraging the AWS Educate program for its educators and students. We are honored to work with Yonsei University to help them nurture the talent for a cloud workforce, which is a key driver for the country’s economic growth.”

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