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AWS supporting the Quantum Software Research Hub led by Osaka University in Japan

Since Amazon Braket, the AWS quantum computing service, was launched, customers have said they want to learn the basics of the technology, explore quantum computing, and discuss use cases with experts in their local communities. In Japan, AWS is working with Osaka University through the Quantum Software Research Hub to educate enterprise, startup, and academic customers, and help them explore potential quantum use cases.

This blog post provides an overview of Osaka University’s work in quantum computing, including the Quantum Software Research Hub, which AWS is supporting. On September 21, AWS will be presenting the Japanese-language session, “Quantum Software Development using Hardware and Simulators with Amazon Braket” that is part of the Quantum Software Research Hub’s Quantum Software Lecture Series in Japanese. In the lectures, participants can learn fundamental topics of quantum computing and applications such as quantum machine learning, quantum chemistry, and mathematical finance through a series of lectures. The AWS talk includes a hands-on workshop on how to implement quantum gates and algorithms using quantum computers and simulators with Amazon Braket.

Quantum Research in Osaka University

Osaka University has been actively promoting research in quantum information science since 1993. In 1999, Osaka University launched the first project in Japan named “Quantum Computers.” Since that time, the university has attracted quantum computing researchers to various departments – mainly in the Graduate School of Engineering Science – with more than 30 quantum researchers at the university.

The Center for Quantum Information and Quantum Biology was launched as a division of the Institute for Open and Transdisciplinary Research Initiatives in 2018, and then became an independent research institute at Osaka University in April 2021. Currently, the center has 65 experts in quantum computing or related fields such as quantum physics, quantum chemistry, life sciences, mathematical finance, and computer science. Notably, a group from the center proposed quantum circuit learning and its parameter update rule, namely, the parameter shift rule, which is discussed in this blog post on variational quantum algorithms and quantum machine learning.

Quantum Software Research Hub

Osaka University is leading the Quantum Software Research Hub with funding by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), and is hosting the quantum software lectures. Members of the Research Hub include more than 30 companies, from startups to enterprises in various industries. The goal of this Research Hub is to develop full-stack quantum computing capabilities, including possible applications, in a cloud-based environment. In addition to the lectures introduced earlier, there are two ways that AWS is contributing to the hub:

  • AWS is providing guidance and support to Osaka University as it develops its cloud-based development environment and libraries to access various quantum hardware and simulators, including devices available on Amazon Braket.
  • AWS is working with Osaka University and member companies to develop quantum software applications and libraries in various fields such as quantum machine learning, quantum chemistry, and mathematical finance. Members of the Hub can request cloud credits from AWS to support their use of Amazon Braket, through which they can run experiments on actual quantum hardware, such as devices from IonQ, Rigetti, and D-Wave.

Research Hub members are encouraged to launch startup businesses based on their research results. The AWS Startups team will work with startups who grow out of the Research Hub.

Architecture diagram for the Quantum Software Research Hub, integrated with Amazon Braket

Figure: Architecture for the Quantum Software Research Hub


We are excited to work together on the Quantum Software Research Hub. The Research Hub is now welcoming new members from industry. Please visit the website to get more program details, including upcoming events. Notably, on September 21, AWS will be hosting its “Quantum Software Development using Hardware and Simulators with Amazon Braket” lecture and hands-on workshop.

If you too are conducting research in quantum computing, learn how Amazon Braket and the AWS Cloud Credit for Research program can support you. We welcome researchers from around the world.