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Shaping Your Startup Culture to Thrive

Our panel of experts at our AWS Loft in New York discuss why culture is vital to any startup that wants to survive past its early days. They outline how culture can act as a powerful recruiting, retention, and fundraising tool. They share how culture can set your startup apart, define its purpose, project its values, and help founders prove to investors that the company is more than just an idea.

You will learn ow culture impacts investment behavior, and why diversity matters, what to look for when bringing on co-founders, ways to leverage your startup’s culture to attract and retain top talent, and best practices on maintaining good culture as your startup grows.


Nissa Booker, Head of Talent Acquisition, BuzzFeed

Rebecca Price, Head of People, Enigma

Peter Phelan, Culture Doctor, Value Culture

Moderator: Michael Copeland, AWS Startups