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Effectively track AWS data transfer costs for cross-region Amazon EBS Snapshot Copy

To safeguard data against natural disasters and ransomware attacks, many AWS users opt to protect their data by creating snapshots and replicating them to different AWS Regions. It is crucial for these users to monitor snapshots and associated data transfers for inter-regional costs, allowing them to provide accurate chargebacks to both internal and external stakeholders. […]


Dialog Axiata saves significantly on storage using Amazon S3 Intelligent-Tiering and S3 Storage Lens

The telecommunications industry has undergone major technological changes in recent years, and the extensive data generated by telecom operations demands strategic handling. According to a McKinsey survey, over 50% of telecom companies said they were moving more assets to the cloud, including many business-critical applications such as business support systems (BSS). Telecom companies must prioritize […]

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Cost allocation and tracking for AWS centralized backups

With business growth often comes an increase in data-management operations and costs, including enterprises scaling data backup solutions to adequately serve their organizational requirements. Managing backup costs is critical to overall data-management costs, and backup managers often need granular information on the components that make up their backup bill, like knowing the backup spend for […]