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Top 4 reasons to launch your cloud career with AWS Cloud Institute

As cloud technology continues to shape our world, the need for skilled professionals who can build and innovate on the cloud is paramount. In fact, my colleagues and I regularly hear from our customers across industries about their growing need for cloud builders. So, what are we at Amazon Web Services (AWS) doing about it?

We launched a virtual training program to build the next wave of cloud application developers who will be ready to innovate. We know that choosing the right program can be complex, which is why AWS Cloud Institute removes the guesswork for learners by providing a prescriptive curriculum that layers in essential hands-on experience—all built by AWS experts with input directly from customers.

Learn more about the benefits to hiring entry-level cloud talent, such as AWS Cloud Institute graduates.

Whether you’re pondering a career change, looking to break into tech, or eager to upskill, AWS Cloud Institute can help you switch your situation and help you launch your career in as little as one year. Let’s dive into what makes this program different than other cloud skilling options.

1) No tech background? No problem

We mean it when we say that you don’t have to worry about having prior technical experience. AWS Cloud Institute is designed to help you become a cloud application developer regardless of your starting point. From cloud basics to advanced intricacies, we’ve got you covered – all you need is enthusiasm for learning.

Your journey is anchored on 12 comprehensive digital learning courses which begin with foundation cloud concepts before transitioning into advanced topics like Python-based cloud solutions. You’ll reinforce your learning with live or on-demand instructor-led sessions, office hours with expert instructors, and interaction in our Slack community.

We know that in order to master the complexity of cloud application development, you’ll need a lot of repetition so we help you learn core concepts in different scenarios and incrementally build your skills so you are able to process, synthesize, and apply your learning confidently. And, to help you become a well-rounded cloud application developer, we’ll introduce you to topics like generative AI and sustainability and help you develop essential professional skills. AWS Cloud Institute graduates leave the program having accumulated a deep understanding of cloud basics and the technical skills and qualified experience to start building scalable, reliable, secure, and sustainable cloud solutions.

2) You’ll learn by doing

Theoretical knowledge is great, but practical application is even better. We know that companies need job-ready cloud builders, which is why we help you transform the theoretical knowledge and cloud basics into applied solutions within your first three courses. Leveraging a flipped classroom model, you’ll independently explore content, bolstered by hands-on activities. You’ll build skills with hands-on time in the AWS Management Console via 100+ labs and AWS Jam. You’ll learn from expert AWS instructors, complete two capstone projects, and build a portfolio to showcase your depth of knowledge. Throughout, you’ll learn to build cloud-based solutions to real-world problems driven by customer use cases.

We ensure you don’t just learn AWS; you build and innovate on it. And we help set you up for success to launch your career with our career services. In addition to the Getting Hired Essentials course, we have a suite of career services where you can engage with AWS customers, attend tech talks, and participate in recruitment events.

3) You can pick your pace

We know that making a time and financial commitment is a complex decision. We have three options for you to choose from when it comes to course pacing and cost—to accommodate your schedule, life, and career goals. If you’re looking to go full time, you will dedicate 30-40 hours per week, which includes three courses per quarter, and you’ll finish the program in one year. We also have two part-time options ranging from 10-20 hours per week, taking either one or two courses per quarter. And, if your life circumstances or career timeline changes, you have the flexibility to ramp your pacing up or down.

Whether you’re a full or part-time learner, AWS Cloud Institute is designed for you to learn when and how it works for you. You’ll have weekly benchmarks to keep you on pace with flexibility for when you complete your learning, as the digital courses can be accessed anytime. All live instructor-led sessions are recorded so you catch watch them on-demand. Plus, you can attend office hours for support, and engage in our Slack community anytime. Your journey to fast tracking your path to becoming a cloud application developer needs to work for you, at your pace.

4) Launch your cloud career

As mentioned, our curriculum includes career services designed to support your launch as a job-ready cloud application developer. You’ll take the Getting Hired Essentials course, where you’ll learn how to organize and write a resume, successful interview techniques, and practice how to effectively communicate to potential employers. We make sure you’re prepared for technical (coding) interviews and how to review the components of compensation packages, like employee benefits, that are included in a job offer.

Along the way in your courses, you’ll be building work to showcase in a professional portfolio, demonstrating your in-demand, marketable skills. You’ll also get preparation and vouchers for both the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner and AWS Certified Developer – Associate certifications, both industry-recognized credentials that employers value, helping you further stand out.

The cloud is more than just technology; it’s the canvas of future innovations and personal possibilities. In the end, it’s people who drive cloud innovation. AWS Cloud Institute is ready to help you build your future as a cloud application developer.

Applications are open and the first step takes less than five minutes. You can access the application and more information at or check out our upcoming information events on the AWS Cloud Institute Resource Hub. Together, let’s shape the future of cloud computing.