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Make the most of AWS Training and Certification free offerings

At re:Invent 2020, Amazon announced our commitment to provide free cloud computing skills training to 29 million people globally by 2025 through AWS-designed programs. This is part of our continued efforts to support our employees, customers, partners, and communities by democratizing access to cloud skills training. As of November 2023, AWS has trained more than 21 million people with our free cloud skills training offerings globally.

We know that skills training can help you—whether you are looking to stay competitive on the latest cloud technology or completely reimagine your career. I want to dive deeper into all the ways that AWS Training and Certification can help you, regardless of your background, learn new skills. Start utilizing our free training that is right for you now.

Get to know AWS Training and Certification’s free offerings

Digital training on AWS Skill Builder. Our portfolio of 600+ digital courses on AWS Skill Builder covers 30+ AWS services and solutions, and are designed to be consumed by anyone around the globe, at their pace, and at various skill levels. Digital training allows you to develop skills and knowledge for any of the AWS domains, from machine learning, to networking, security, and more, with short, self-paced videos. The training is designed to meet your needs, regardless of your prior knowledge and skill level, whether you’re just starting to learn about the AWS Cloud, or have been working on it for years. Our courses are developed by AWS experts and our trainers are all AWS Certified. If you’re new to cloud or in a non-IT role, start with AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials. It provides a foundational understanding of the AWS Cloud and helps learners prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam.

AWS Cloud Quest: Cloud Practitioner role. Explore this 3D role-playing game, designed by AWS Training and Certification, to help build practical AWS experience. To win, complete a 12-part quest, having fun while building cloud skills and engaging in a virtual city environment. Game play includes videos, quizzes, and hands-on exercises based on real-world business scenarios.

AWS Learning Badges. AWS Learning Badges are free to earn credentials that demonstrate your knowledge and skills for specific AWS Cloud topics, such as Object Storage or Cloud Game Development, and they are sharable on social networks to help you stand out to recruiters and prospective hiring managers. Check out the storage, cloud game development, and solutions architecture badges you can earn.

Prepare for AWS Certification. If your goal is to earn an AWS Certification, we offer free digital training, exam preparation courses, sample questions, and other resources to help you prepare for any of our 10+ AWS Certification exams. Check out our AWS Certification Official Practice Question Sets, which consist of 20-question sets, developed by AWS, that demonstrate the style of our certification exams. These exam-style questions include detailed feedback and recommended resources to help you prepare for your exam. Our free exam prep courses are two-hour digital courses that explore an exam’s topic areas and review sample certification questions for each domain. And check out our AWS Certification pathways toward popular cloud job roles.

AWS Training Live via Twitch. If you like live, fun, interactive cloud training, check out our numerous role- and domain-specific training series delivered via Twitch. You can view on-demand episodes for all of our Twitch-based trainings to build your fundamental, intermediate, and advanced skills of the AWS Cloud, including AWS Power Hour: Machine Learning and the AWS Power Hour: Cloud Practitioner, among others.

For new to cloud learners

AWS Educate. Designed for individuals as young as 13 years old who are new to the cloud, AWS Educate offers hundreds of hours of free, self-paced training and labs that use the AWS Management Console for hands-on practice. For cloud-curious learners, courses like Intro to Cloud 101 and Introduction to the AWS Management Console may be exactly what you need to get started. The program is rounded out with supplementary information like AWS Training Live Twitch videos, blogs, and technical papers. When you complete digital badge-eligible courses, you are invited to join the Emerging Talent Community, offering personalized content recommendations to continue your learning journey, AWS Certification preparation resources and guidance, and networking and mentor opportunities.

AWS re/Start. This cohort-based, free-to-the-learner workforce development training program helps people with little to no IT background build in-demand cloud computing skills and connects participants with employment opportunities at local employers. With hands-on experience in the AWS Cloud, AWS re/Start graduates have the skills and knowledge they need to add value from day one. The program is available in 69 countries and 213 cities.

AWS Skills Centers. If you live near Seattle, Washington, Arlington, Virginia, or Cape Town, South Africa, you can take advantage of a unique, hands-on learning opportunity. Amazon operates three AWS Skills Centers where anyone can visit to experience interactive learning exhibits and join classes that teach about the foundations of cloud service technology. In addition to exhibits about machine learning, robotics, gaming, and other cloud computing topics, there are resources to help visitors earn an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification—including taking live, in-person classes at the center. The classes are designed to be fun and approachable. For learners who are not local to these areas, virtual classroom courses are available in a variety of fundamental-level topics, including Becoming a Cloud Practitioner, AWS Cloud Essentials for Business Leaders, and more.

More ways to learn with AWS

We understand organizations need individuals with cloud skills to help transform their business. These are just some of the programs AWS Training and Certification offers. AWS Skill Builder subscriptions allow organizations and learners to deepen cloud skills through hands-on, interactive, challenge-based learning in live AWS environments. For organizations that want to accelerate cloud fluency across all areas of the business, not just IT, we offer AWS Skills Guild. Higher education institutions all over the world are working with AWS Academy to prepare students to pursue industry-recognized AWS Certifications and in-demand jobs. And so much more. We’re unwavering in our commitment to train millions of learners in cloud computing. I hope you’ll join us and see what your future holds in the cloud.