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re:Invent 2020 – Cloud skills training for everyone

Maureen Lonergan, global leader of AWS Training and Certification, was one of a handful of AWS leaders who presented during the 2020 re:Invent Leadership Series. This post summarizes her talk. Whether you’re starting a new cloud career, upskilling your team, or transforming your entire workforce, our programs empower the diverse builders of today and tomorrow […]

How Miami Dade College is preparing students for in-demand cloud roles

With AWS courses and learning resources, Miami Dade College is preparing students for success, including three recent graduates who were hired at Florida Power and Light Company. “What will help our students find high-quality, high-paying jobs?” That’s the question driving the leadership at Miami Dade College (MDC)—and it’s the question that brought them to AWS. […]

4 reasons to invest in entry-level cloud talent

At Amazon, we are “customer obsessed,” which means we work to understand the challenges our customers face and figure out how to solve them. For AWS, this often means building technical solutions for our customers, such as helping Siemens handle cyber threats, or supporting Netflix with nearly all of its computing and storage needs. But […]

5 Dos and 5 Don’ts for teaching online

Contributed by: Andrew Schwarz, AWS Academy accredited educator at Louisiana State University We are in an exciting era of higher education. Digital native students are arriving in our classrooms armed with deep and broad experience with technology. And now, the COVID crisis is pushing us all to teach online, giving us a chance to think […]

AWS Academy educators support students globally in the shift to online learning

To protect the health and safety of their students and faculty, higher education institutions around the world have made a quick and essential shift from in-person to online classes. For some institutions and educators well-versed in online delivery, the transition has been smooth. Within the AWS Academy community, we’ve seen educators quickly shift their courses […]

AWS Academy’s big bet on higher education

The challenges of higher education around the world are widely known and lamented: rising tuition costs that reduce the perceived return on investment, challenges with equity and accessibility, and the growing gap between the needs of employers and the skills of graduates. These trends are contributing to a crisis of confidence in education systems worldwide. […]

Building cloud skills with AWS Training and Certification

I’m delighted to introduce the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Training and Certification Blog! Our goal with this blog is to give you insights about AWS Training and Certification (T&C) offerings, industry insights, and best practices so you can grow your cloud skills. I’d love to give you some quick insight into how AWS T&C came […]