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Top Posts of 2020 on the AWS Training and Certification Blog

We kicked off the AWS Training and Certification Blog in March of 2020 with the purpose of sharing news and updates about AWS Training, AWS Certification, and our cloud skills education programs—for learners of all skill levels.

Our articles seek to keep you informed, whether you’re an individual who wants to grow your cloud knowledge or a manager of a team or an organizational decision maker looking to train your workforce to take full advantage of the AWS Cloud. Over the year, we shared 100 articles spotlighting new courses and programs, tips and tricks for advancing your skills and gaining certifications, perspectives on cloud training across all industries, and some of our success stories in driving digital transformation through cloud skills development.

The most popular articles from 2020 fell into three distinct categories: 1) AWS Training, 2) AWS Certification, and 3) taking your cloud skills to the next level.

Thank you for tuning into our blog during the past year! We look forward to continuing to learn together in 2021.

AWS Training

Free AWS Training Webinars to Grow Your Cloud Skills
By: Alex Spivak

AWS Training and Certification hosts events, both online and in person, to help the builders of all skill levels—in IT and non-IT roles—leverage the power of the AWS Cloud. In this post, Alex discusses how to grow your cloud skills by utilizing a series of free, live, virtual training events, each led by accredited AWS instructors. Learn more about the available classes, who should participate, and how to register.

Read Alex’s post.

Introducing New Machine Learning Training Series on Twitch: Save the Date
By: Deborah Strickland

In this post, Deborah introduces us to AWS Power Hour: Machine Learning, a new, interactive, and informal way to learn about artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). The series, which ran live in July and August 2020 on the AWS Twitch channel, is designed for developers without prior ML experience. You can watch the episodes on demand at any time.

Read Deborah’s post.

Coming to Twitch – AWS Power Hour: Cloud Practitioner
By: Deborah Strickland

Following the success of AWS Power Hour: Machine Learning, AWS Training and Certification launched another Twitch series. In this post, Deborah introduces AWS Power Hour: Cloud Practitioner, which ran live in October and November 2020. The show is designed for anyone new to the AWS Cloud, in IT or non-IT roles, who wants to build their AWS Cloud knowledge. You can watch the episodes and find related study resources on the AWS Power Hour: Cloud Practitioner site.

Read Deborah’s post.

New Amazon Connect Digital Courses for Developers
By: Training and Certification Blog Editor

With the fast growth of Amazon Connect, AWS Training and Certification rolled out seven new, free, digital courses for AWS Partners and customers to help you build your skills designing, creating, and supporting an Amazon Connect contact center. The blog also includes recommended courses to complete in addition to the seven new courses.

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Building a Modern Application Development Mindset
By: Babak Ghoreyshi

Today’s applications need to scale to potentially millions of users, have global availability, manage petabytes—if not exabytes—of data, and respond in milliseconds. We call these “modern applications,” and they cover a range of use cases. In this post, Babak explains the business impact of modern applications, how to train yourself and your developer teams, and our recommended, free, digital and virtual classroom courses to help you upskill.

Read Babak’s post.

AWS Certification

Demystifying Your AWS Certification Exam Score
By: Wayde Gilchrist

AWS Certification candidates often ask what “scaled scoring” means, and specifically, what their score means. In this blog, Wayde provides insight into scaled scoring, why we use it when scoring AWS Certification exams, and how to understand your exam score.

Read Wayde’s post.

10 Tips to Study for the AWS Certified Security – Specialty Certification
By: Ricardo Bermudez

In this post, Ricardo, who has more than 15 years of experience as a technical trainer, shares 10 tips to help you obtain what he considers the most challenging certification exam of his career—the AWS Certified Security – Specialty exam. If you’ve already reviewed exam readiness basics, which you can find in a previous post, and want more recommendations, this post is for you.

Read Ricardo’s post.

5 Tips for a Successful Online-Proctored AWS Certification Exam
By: Beth Shepherd

In March 2020, AWS Training and Certification announced the availability of online proctoring for AWS Certification exams. In this post, Beth provides five tips to help you succeed when taking an exam in this format, including best practices to help you have the best experience. Take note of her pointers regarding scheduling your exam and ensuring your computer and workspace are set up appropriately.

Read Beth’s post.

Slay Imposter Syndrome While Prepping for AWS Certification Exams
By: Liz Dennett

In this post, Liz provides strategies and resources for conquering any new obstacle, and then explains how she applied those strategies to her achievement of several AWS Certifications. She also shares her personal experience with the exams and how she confidently prepared and let go of her fear.

Read Liz’s post.

Take your learning to the next level

My Learning Path to Become an AWS Solutions Architect
By: Marwan Al Shawi

In this post, Marwan shares his personal journey to become an AWS Solutions Architect and the strategies he employed to achieve that goal. Read about the steps he took, how it led to additional in-demand skills and industry-recognized AWS Certifications, and see if his example might just inspire you to step out of your comfort zone.

Read Marwan’s post.

6 steps to build cloud fluency in your organization
By: Maureen Lonergan

Cloud computing has introduced a significant shift in how technology is obtained, used, and managed. It’s given organizations the ability to trade capital expense for variable expense, benefit from massive economies of scale, make agile capacity decisions, increase organizational speed and agility, eliminate spend on data centers, and go global in minutes. Cloud adoption requires that fundamental changes are discussed, considered, and supported across the entire organization. In this post, Maureen explains the steps organizations can take to catalyze staff, including non-IT roles, to embrace cloud learning and build cloud fluency to become a powerful business differentiator.

Read Maureen’s post.

Successful Solutions Architects do These Five Things
By: Kevin Kelly

Kevin, who was one of AWS’s—and the industry’s—first solutions architects and the designer of our first exam, AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate, gives insight into the key skills and attributes of a successful professional in that role. He explains what employers are looking for from solutions architects and how to capitalize on the momentum and business potential of the cloud today.

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Use your AWS Certification Expertise as an AWS IQ Expert
By: Emily Garrett

In this post, Emily explains the AWS IQ program and invites AWS Certified individuals to explore whether becoming an AWS IQ expert could be a good fit. She shares an example of an AWS IQ expert and his experience applying his expertise to diverse customer challenges in order to keep his skills fresh. She also describes how you can showcase your skills, AWS Certifications, and expertise to connect with potential clients as an AWS IQ expert.

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