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New Amazon Connect digital courses for developers

Editor’s Note: updated from original publish date (20 August 2020) to reflect a new Amazon Connect digital course below. We now offer seven courses to help customers and AWS Partners build their skills in Amazon Connect.

Amazon Connect is a simple, scalable solution that enables businesses to have a fully operational contact center that can be accessed anywhere. Amazon Connect has evolved from a technology used by Amazon customer service associates to a service that AWS customers can adopt to provide exceptional customer experiences. Agents, supervisors, managers, and administrators can work from home and still perform all their daily contact center activities. You can set up a contact center in a few steps, add agents who are located anywhere, and start engaging with your customers.

“Amazon Connect is one of the fastest growing services in the history of AWS.” – Andy Jassy, AWS re:Invent 2019

We are pleased to announce the availability of seven, free digital courses to help developers and technical professionals at customer and AWS Partner organizations quickly ramp up contact centers using Amazon Connect. Prior to enrolling in these courses, we recommend customers complete Amazon Connect Primer and partners complete Amazon Connect (Technical) (in AWS Partner Central).

Following are overviews of the new Amazon Connect digital courses:

  • NEW COURSE as of 10/8 – Amazon Connect: Deep Dive into Amazon Connect Report and Metrics – Learn how to enable advanced end-to-end reporting for Amazon Connect Contact Center by processing and querying a collection of data sources with different record structures. You’ll also learn how to leverage Amazon Connect with other AWS services to create a unified data repository, then drill down into the details by using Amazon Athena, and utilize Amazon QuickSight to easily create and publish analytical dashboards to stakeholders. Customers and AWS Partners can learn more and enroll today.
  • Amazon Connect Best Practices Learn about our best practices for designing, creating, and supporting an Amazon Connect contact center. These best practices align with the five pillars of AWS Well-Architected Framework. Customers and AWS Partners can learn more and enroll today.
  • Building Better Bots using Amazon ConnectLearn how to quickly and easily build natural language interactions and recognition in Amazon Connect by integrating Amazon Lex, a service powered by the same deep learning technologies as Amazon Alexa. Customers and AWS Partners can learn more and enroll today.
  • Amazon Connect: Emergency and Holiday Routing with Dynamic Messaging Learn how to set up an Amazon Connect instance to play emergency and holiday messages dynamically to callers. Customers and AWS Partners can learn more and enroll today.
  • Amazon Connect: Troubleshooting with CloudWatch Learn how Amazon Connect sends data to Amazon CloudWatch so you can monitor key operational metrics related to your contact center. This course explores different methods for accessing Amazon CloudWatch, creating insights, and producing metric filters and alarms. You’ll also learn how to troubleshoot failures and review metric breaches using Amazon CloudWatch Logs. Customers and AWS Partners can learn more and enroll today.
  • Amazon Connect: Build a Custom Call Control Panel Learn how to build a custom Call Control Panel (CCP) to meet the requirements of your customers. This course details the process of building a basic CCP to manage telephony events, such answering calls, placing calls on hold, transferring to an agent, transferring to a queue, placing outbound calls, and changing agent states. Customers and AWS Partners can learn more and enroll today.
  • Deploying Amazon Connect Chat Learn how to deploy Amazon Connect chat, including how to enable it in routing profiles, contact flows, and accessing the chat conversation, which is usually your customer’s webpage. This course uses an AWS CloudFormation template to facilitate and test the chat widget. Customers and APN Partners can learn more and enroll today.

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