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Build and scale direct-to-consumer streaming video offerings

Today, we are delighted to introduce an integrated direct-to-consumer offering from Salesforce and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help content distributors build and scale direct-to-consumer (D2C) video streaming subscription platforms.

As D2C models evolve from their initial, often predominantly growth-focused, launch phase to scaling and becoming profitable businesses, leaders at media companies are looking for ways to accelerate growth and enhance intelligence to both their content and customer lifecycle management approaches. Top of mind opportunities and challenges for these leaders include:

  • Innovating monetization models: beyond a subscription-only model
  • Increasing viewership and retention: managing churn while acquiring new subscribers
  • Delivering personalized content experiences: providing interactive, engaging content
  • Expanding to global audiences: seamlessly scaling to international markets

With combined experience helping several leading media companies launch D2C services, we bring together best-in-class capabilities from Salesforce and AWS to address some of the most pressing challenges across both content and subscriber management operations, so customers don’t have to individually solve related challenges on their own. Our offering accelerates revenue and subscriber growth while reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) associated with disparate operations. Core capabilities include:

  • End-to-end subscriber lifecycle management from acquisition to retention
  • Customer data platform to unify intelligence, understand, and segment subscribers
  • Content personalization powered by AI/ML capabilities
  • Streaming video operations that support scale and interactive experiences
Subscription packages and recommendations based on a user’s preferences and viewing patterns are captured by Salesforce and AWS

Subscription packages and recommendations based on a user’s preferences and viewing patterns are captured by Salesforce and AWS

We believe that the time is now for D2C media companies to focus on scale and profitability by optimizing their operations while investing to innovate new content and viewer experiences.

We understand the maturity of D2C streaming subscription services vary across organizations. To address that, our combined offering is built on a modular approach in order to help companies:

  • Launch new experiences (different subscription bundles, adding live events)
  • Augment existing capabilities (churn reduction, content personalization)
  • Scale operations (new geographies, live streaming for tentpole events)

To demonstrate how the combined Salesforce and AWS offering works, please check out the following video.

Christopher Kuthan

Christopher Kuthan

Christopher Kuthan is Head of Worldwide Media & Entertainment solutions at AWS.

Siva Natarajan

Siva Natarajan

Siva is the Global Head, Media & Entertainment Industry Strategy with Salesforce.