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New AWS Region in Mexico is in the works

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Today, I am happy to announce that we are working on an AWS Region in Mexico. This AWS Mexico (Central) Region will be the second Region in Latin America joining the AWS South America (São Paulo) Region and will give AWS customers the ability to run workloads and store data that must remain in-country.

Mexico in the works

The Region will include three Availability Zones, each one physically independent of the others in the Region yet far enough apart to minimize the risk that an event in one Availability Zone will have impact on business continuity. The Availability Zones will be connected to each other by high-bandwidth, low-latency network connections over dedicated, fully redundant fiber.

With this announcement, AWS now has five new Regions in the works (Germany, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, and Thailand) and 15 upcoming new Availability Zones.

AWS investment in Mexico

The upcoming AWS Mexico Region is the latest in ongoing investments by AWS in Mexico to provide customers with advanced and secure cloud technologies. Since 2020, AWS has launched seven Amazon CloudFront edge locations in Mexico. Amazon CloudFront is a highly secure and programmable content delivery network (CDN) that accelerates the delivery of data, videos, applications, and APIs to users worldwide with low latency and high transfer speeds.

In 2020, AWS launched AWS Outposts in Mexico. AWS Outposts is a family of fully managed solutions delivering AWS infrastructure and services to virtually any on-premises or edge location for a truly consistent hybrid experience. AWS expanded its infrastructure footprint in Mexico again in 2023 with the launch of AWS Local Zones in Queretaro. AWS Local Zones are a type of AWS infrastructure deployment that places compute, storage, database, and other select services closer to large population, industry, and IT centers, enabling customers to deliver applications that require single-digit millisecond latency to end users. In 2023, AWS established an AWS Direct Connect location in Queretaro, allowing customers to establish private connectivity between AWS and their data center, office, or colocation environment.

Here is a glimpse into our customers in Mexico and the exciting, innovative work they’re undertaking:

Banco Santander Mexico is one of the leading financial groups in the country, focused on retail & commercial banking and other financial services, and serving more than 20.5 million customers. “The new AWS Region in our country will enhance our ability to leverage the power of the cloud to better serve our customers and bring new, high-quality services to market,” said Gonzalo de Hoz, technology head at Banco Santander Mexico.

SkyAlert is an innovative technology company that quickly alerts millions of people living in earthquake-prone areas, promoting a culture of prevention against natural disasters. In order to provide customers—both businesses and individuals—with the right tools to protect themselves during earthquakes, SkyAlert migrated its infrastructure to AWS. After implementing its Internet of Things (IoT) solution to run on AWS and its efficient alert service, SkyAlert scales quickly and can send millions of messages in a few seconds, helping to save lives in the event of earthquakes.

Kueski is an online lender for the middle class of Mexico and Latin America. The company uses big data and advanced analytics to approve and deliver loans in a matter of minutes. The company has become the fastest-growing platform of its kind in the region and has already granted thousands of loans. They were born with AWS.

Bolsa Institucional de Valores (BIVA) is a stock exchange based in Mexico, backed by Nasdaq. BIVA provides local and global investors with cutting-edge technology for trading and market solutions and companies with listing and maintenance services. As part of its vision of innovation, BIVA started its journey to the cloud in 2023 by migrating its disaster recovery site, including its trading and market surveillance systems, to AWS, using edge compute capabilities available in both the AWS Local Zones in Queretaro, Mexico, to achieve their low latency needs.

Stay Tuned
The AWS Region in Mexico will open in early 2025. As usual, subscribe to this blog so that you will be among the first to know when the new Region is open!

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— Irshad

Irshad Buchh

Irshad Buchh

Irshad A Buchh is a Principal Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS), specializing in driving the widespread adoption of Amazon's cloud computing platform. He collaborates closely with AWS Global Strategic ISV and SI partners to craft and execute effective cloud strategies, enabling them to fully leverage the advantages of cloud technology. By working alongside CIOs, CTOs, and architects, Irshad assists in transforming their cloud visions into reality, providing architectural guidance and expertise throughout the implementation of strategic cloud solutions.