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Get ready for AWS IPv6 day

AWS is celebrating IPv6 day on June 8, 2023 with a full day (10:30AM PST – 6:30PM PST) of live streamed video content! Let’s face it, dealing with IPv4 addresses can be exhausting 🙃, but moving to IPv6 can be as daunting. The folks behind the The Routing Loop Twitch channel have planned a full […]

Achieving Zero-downtime deployments with Amazon CloudFront using blue/green continuous deployments

Blue/green deployment is a widely used deployment technique in software development aimed at minimizing downtime and risks associated with introducing new code. The strategy involves concurrently running two identical environments, namely blue and green, and directing traffic between them as necessary. This allows you to have uninterrupted delivery of new features and updates, with no […]

Host Single Page Applications (SPA) with Tiered TTLs on CloudFront and S3

Many of our customers use Amazon CloudFront and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) to deploy Single Page Applications (SPA): web applications created with React, Angular, Vue, etc. The development teams of these SPAs often have the following, seemingly conflicting, requirements: Users should experience as little latency as possible in downloading the web application. Therefore, […]

A sneak peek at the Networking track sessions at AWS Summit Washington DC, 2023

The AWS Summit in Washington, DC, our event tailored to the interests of the public sector community, is fast approaching! This post highlights the Breakout, Chalk Talks, Builder’s session, and Workshop session that make up the Networking track to help you plan your agenda. The event takes place in-person at the Walter E. Washington Convention […]

Improve Single-Page Application (SPA) Performance with a Same Domain policy using Amazon CloudFront

In this post, we demonstrate how you can use a same domain policy with Amazon CloudFront. Using this method, you eliminate the need for enabling Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS), which results in improved performance for Single-Page Applications (SPA). Over the years, SPA frameworks such as ReactJs and AngularJs have become a popular method for developing […]

NetDevSecOps to modernize AWS networking deployments

NetDevOps orchestrates and automates network changes to shorten the network delivery lifecycle, treats the network as code to allow for version control, and tests changes to make sure of quality and stability. This increased speed helps organizations better serve their customers and compete more effectively in the market. The post NetDevOps: A modern approach to AWS […]

A sneak peek at the Network and Infrastructure Security track sessions for re:Inforce 2023

AWS re:Inforce is fast approaching, and this post can help you plan your agenda. AWS re:Inforce is a security conference where you can gain skills and learn about the latest solutions in cloud security, compliance, identity, and privacy. As a re:Inforce attendee, you will have access to hundreds of technical and non-technical sessions, an Expo featuring […]

Attach multiple IPs to a NAT Gateway to scale your egress traffic pattern

AWS NAT Gateway is a highly available and horizontally scalable Network Address Translation (NAT) service. AWS NAT Gateway allows resources in a private subnet to connect to target resources outside the subnet using the NAT Gateway’s IP address. These target resources can either be in the same VPC, a different VPC, on the internet, or […]

Introducing AWS Verified Access – General Availability

Introduction AWS Verified Access enables customers to provide VPN-less, secure access to their corporate applications. We released it as a preview during AWS re:Invent 2022. Today, we are happy to announce that this service is now generally available (GA). Built using AWS Zero Trust principles, customers can use Verified Access to reduce the risks associated […]

Best practices and considerations to migrate from VPC Peering to AWS Transit Gateway

This post presents recommendations and best practices when migrating your existing VPCs from Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Peering to AWS Transit Gateway. It includes a migration walkthrough and considerations that you can address to improve your odds of a seamless migration. This post also details common networking testing and bench-marking tools such as iPerf […]