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Announcing the Addition of AWS Service Catalog to the AWS Service Delivery Program

The AWS Service Delivery Program launched in November 2016 with one simple goal at heart: to help customers easily identify APN Partners with a proven track record of success delivering specific AWS services and who have demonstrated the ability to provide expertise in a specific service or skill area. Looking for help migrating a database to Amazon Aurora? Simply visit the Partner Solutions Finder, filter by Product, and you’ll find all of the APN Partners who’ve been validated by the AWS Service Delivery Program as holding expertise in Aurora.

A number of AWS services are included in the program, including many database services, compute services, content delivery services, security services, serverless computing services, and analytics services. The program also highlights APN Partners who deliver workloads in the AWS GovCloud (US) Region. Today, we’re excited to announce the addition of AWS Service Catalog to the program.

AWS Service Catalog + AWS Service Delivery Program = customer success

AWS Service Catalog allows organizations to create and manage catalogs of IT services that are approved for use on AWS. These IT services can include everything from virtual machine images, servers, software, and databases to complete multi-tier application architectures. With the addition of Service Catalog to the Service Delivery Program, customers can easily identify and connect with qualified AWS Consulting Partners who’ve demonstrated expertise with Service Catalog. “AWS Service Catalog is a fantastic tool for companies that want to enable developers to easily launch new AWS environments, but also need to control how environments are launched and configured,” says Stephanie Tayengco, CIO of Logicworks, a Premier APN Consulting Partner and AWS Service Catalog Delivery Partner. “Logicworks helps customers build the AWS CloudFormation stack for the products in their Service Catalog, applying the right constraints and controls so their developers can take advantage of a self-service, fully-automated, and secured environment.”

Why should APN Consulting Partners with expertise in Service Catalog join?

Joining the program provides you the ability to promote your firm as an AWS-validated expert in Service Catalog. By becoming an AWS Service Catalog Service Delivery Partner, you can increase your firm’s visibility to customers seeking your type of expertise through a number of channels, such as the AWS Service Delivery website. Additionally, you’ll be distinguished as an expert in Service Catalog in the Partner Solutions Finder and will be featured on the AWS Marketplace website. “Wipro is excited to achieve the AWS Service Delivery Partner status for the AWS Service Catalog service. With the help of AWS Service Catalog, customers can centrally manage commonly deployed IT services to improve service re-use and enhance developer productivity. Additionally, the central management of the IT Service Lifecycle can help save time and dollars which can be funneled to drive the cloud innovation agenda for digital enterprises,” says Varun Dube, General Manager – AWS practice, Wipro Ltd, a Premier APN Consulting Partner and AWS Service Catalog Delivery Partner.

What are the requirements?

In addition to meeting the minimum requirements of the program, which you can find here, your firm must pass service-specific verification of customer references and a technical review, to ensure that customers can be confident they are working with partners that provide recent and relevant experience.

Want to learn more?

Click here to learn more about the partners participating in the program, and visit the Service Delivery Program homepage to learn more about the broader program. If you would like to apply for membership, contact

Join APN launch partners Wipro, Flux7, Cloudticity, Logicworks, and BizCloud Experts and apply to be a part of the AWS Service Catalog Service Delivery program.