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Revolutionizing Manufacturing with Sphere and Amazon Lookout for Vision’s XR and AI Integration

Sphere and Amazon Lookout for Vision are revolutionizing the way that high-value equipment and machines are assembled, maintained, and operated. By combining extended reality (XR) with AI, the integration gives manufacturing customers a cutting-edge tool to uncover process issues, identify missing components, detect damaged parts, and more. Explore use cases in which the enhanced training procedures and advanced analytics afforded by Sphere and Amazon Lookout for Vision can be applied to real-world scenarios.


Building a Visual Quality Control Solution with Amazon Lookout for Vision and Advanced Video Preprocessing

Conveyor belts are an essential material handling tool for various industrial processes, but high throughput rates make it difficult for operators to detect defective products and remove them from the production line. Learn how Grid Dynamics built an advanced video preprocessor and integrated it with Amazon Lookout for Vision, using a food processing use case as an example. Amazon Lookout for Vision is an AutoML service for detecting anomalies in images.