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New Alexa Flash Briefing Skill Available for APN Partners

APN Alexa Flash Briefing-3We are excited to announce a new Alexa Flash Briefing Skill for the AWS Partner Network (APN).

Adding the APN Flash Briefing Skill to your Alexa app lets you easily access weekly news, APN Blog posts, and event announcements for APN Partners. It’s a great way to stay up-to-date with the APN.

Be sure to check in regularly for new updates and announcements for APN Partners!

To add the APN Flash Briefing Skill to your current news roundup:

  1. Open your Alexa app
  2. Search for ‘AWS Partner Network’ in the skills tab
  3. Enable the skill on your device

Once you’re all set up, simply ask:

APN Alexa Flash Briefing-2

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Today, people spend too much of their day on tedious tasks at work, like managing their calendars, dialing in to meetings, or searching for information. Amazon Alexa can help solve this problem by acting as an intelligent assistant at work.

Alexa lets people use their voice to interact with technology so they can spontaneously ask questions in a way that feels natural. Alexa can simplify conference rooms, allowing meeting attendees to start meetings and control the equipment in the room by simply using their voice. Alexa can also do things around the workplace, like providing directions to a conference room, notifying IT about a broken printer, or placing an order for office supplies.

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Create an Alexa Flash Briefing Skill

You can create your own Alexa Flash Briefing Kkills in the Amazon developer console. When you create a Skill you provide information, configuration, and define one or more feeds that provide content for the Skill. A feed can be text or audio that you own or have the rights to distribute.

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