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Top 10 AWS Architecture Blog posts of 2022

As we wrap up 2022, we want to take a moment to shine a bright light on our readers, who spend their time exploring our posts, providing generous feedback, and asking poignant questions! Much appreciation goes to our Solutions Architects, who work tirelessly to identify and produce what our customers need.

Without any further ado, here are the top 10 AWS Architecture Blog posts of 2022…

#1: Creating a Multi-Region Application with AWS Services – Part 2, Data and Replication

Joe Chapman, Senior Solutions Architect, and Seth Eliot, Principal Developer Advocate, come in at #1 with a review of AWS services that offer cross-Region data replication—getting data where in needs to be, quickly!

#1 2022

#2: Reduce Cost and Increase Security with Amazon VPC Endpoints

Nigel Harris and team explain the benefits of using Amazon VPC endpoints, and how to appropriately restrict access to endpoints and the services they connect to. Learn more by taking the VPC Endpoint Workshop in the AWS Workshop Studio!

#2 2022

#3: Multi-Region Migration using AWS Application Migration Service

In this technical how-to post, Shreya Pathak and Medha Shree demonstrate how to configure AWS Application Migration Service to migrate workloads from one AWS Region to another.

#4: Let’s Architect! Architecting for Sustainability

The Let’s Architect! Team claims 4 of the top 10 spots for 2022! Luca, Laura, Vittorio, and Zamira kick-off the series by providing material to help our customers design sustainable architectures and create awareness on the topic of sustainability.

#5: Let’s Architect! Serverless architecture on AWS

In this post, the Let’s Architect! Team shares insights into reimagining a serverless environment, including how to start prototype and scale to mass adoption using decoupled systems, integration approaches, serverless architectural patterns and best practices, and more!

#6: Let’s Architect! Tools for Cloud Architects

For a three-in-a-row, the Let’s Architect! Team shares tools and methodologies for architects to learn and experiment with. This post was also a celebration of International Women’s Day, with half of the tools detailed developed with or by women!

#7: Announcing updates to the AWS Well-Architected Framework

Well-Architected is tried and true AWS, describing key concepts, design principles, and architecture best practices for cloud workloads. In this post, Haleh Najafzadeh, Senior Solutions Architecture Manager for AWS Well-Architected, updates our readers on improvements to the Well-Architected Framework across all six pillars.

#8: Creating a Multi-Region Application with AWS Services – Part 3, Application Management and Monitoring

Joe and Seth are back at #8, covering AWS services and features used for messaging, deployment, monitoring, and management in multi-Region applications.

#9: Let’s Architect! Creating resilient architecture

“The need for resilient workloads transcends all customer industries…” In their last top 10 post, the team provides resources to help build resilience into your AWS architecture.

#10: Using DevOps Automation to Deploy Lambda APIs across Accounts and Environments

Subrahmanyam Madduru and team demonstrate how to automate release deployments in a repeatable and agile manner, reducing manual errors and increasing the speed of delivery for business capabilities.

Goodbye, 2022!

A big thank you to all our readers and authors! Your feedback and collaboration are appreciated and help us produce better content every day.

From all of us at the AWS Architecture Blog, happy holidays!

Elise Chahine

Elise Chahine

Elise is Architecture Field Content Manager for AWS, where she heads the Architecture Blog channel and field-generated documentation. She works closely with authors to develop succinct, technically accurate publications that help customers architect. When Elise is not rubbing shoulders with the brilliant minds of AWS, she enjoys a quiet life with her family in New England.