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2013 Year in Review: New AWS Technical Whitepapers, Articles and Videos Published

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In 2013, AWS released more than 200+ features and services. In addition to the launches, we also had a record year in creating self-service content that help customers understand the real value of breadth and depth of our powerful platform. This post summarizes some of the technical content that we published based on the requests we received from customers.

New Whitepapers Published in 2013 (//

RDBMS in the Cloud: Oracle on AWS (EC2 and RDS) and Oracle on EC2 Reference Implementation Guide (with AWS CloudFormation Templates) 11/11/2013
Securing Data at Rest With Encryption 11/11/2013
Security at Scale: Governance on AWS 11/11/2013
Security at Scale: Logging on AWS 11/11/2013
AWS Security Best Practices 11/5/2013
Alfresco Enterprise on AWS: Reference Architecture and Implementation Guide (with AWS CloudFormation Templates) 10/31/2013
Setting up Multiuser Environments on AWS (for Classroom Training and Research) 10/1/2013
Amazon Elastic MapReduce Best Practices 8/15/2013
Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 in the AWS Cloud: Planning & Implementation Guide (with AWS CloudFormation Templates) 7/12/2013
NoSQL Database in the Cloud: Couchbase on AWS 7/1/2013
RDBMS in the Cloud: PostgreSQL on AWS 6/25/2013
NoSQL Database in the Cloud: Riak on AWS 6/25/2013
Auditing Security Checklist for the Use of AWS 6/24/2013
Microsoft Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC) and SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn Availability Groups: Implementation Guide (with AWS CloudFormation Templates) 3/5/2013
Financial Services Grid Computing on AWS 1/9/2013

New Technical Articles and Tutorials Published in 2013 (

Optimizing for Star Schemas on Amazon Redshift 12/31/2013
How to Recover an Unreachable Linux Instance 10/1/2013
Introducing Cloud-init in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 8/29/2013
Node.js Streaming MapReduce with Amazon EMR 8/19/2013
Scheduled Copy of Data from Amazon S3 to Amazon Redshift Using AWS Data Pipeline 7/12/2013
High Availability for Amazon VPC NAT Instances (Using CloudFormation Templates) 5/30/2013
Web Identity Federation with Mobile Applications 5/23/2013
Process and Analyse Big Data Using Hive on Amazon EMR and MicroStrategy Suite 3/29/2013
Getting Started with CUDA and Parallel Programming in the AWS Cloud 3/26/2013
Leveraging Multiple IP Addresses for Virtual IP Address Fail-over in 6 Simple Steps 3/13/2013
Analyze Log Data with Apache Hive, Windows PowerShell, and Amazon EMR 2/21/2013
Run Spark and Shark on Amazon Elastic MapReduce 2/20/2013
Apache Accumulo and Amazon Elastic MapReduce 2/15/2013

New Datasheets Published in 2013 (  

Time Series Processing 11/5/2013
E-commerce Website Part 1: Web Frontend 2/5/2013
E-commerce Website Part 2: Checkout 2/5/2013
E-commerce Website Part 3: Marketing and Recommendations 2/5/2013
Financial Services Grid Computing 1/9/2013

In addition to whitepapers, articles and tutorials, we have hundreds of technical videos and presentations on our YouTube Channel from AWS re:Invent 2013 that help customers build highly available, highly scalable secure applications that leverage the the full potential of the
AWS cloud.

Our customers drive our content roadmap. We received a ton of feedback last year. For example, several customers requested more technical implementation guidance and security best practices. Hence, we built several key reference implementation guides that include easy-to-use, easy-to-launch and easy-to-modify AWS CloudFormation templates for different scenarios. We also published the 5 security-focussed whitepapers including AWS Security Best Practices Whitepaper.

Let us know what would you like us to build this year. We are looking for your feedback as always to help us prioritize our content roadmap.


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