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Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.

RSS Web Feeds for Tags at just released a new tag-based RSS feed system. While not an Amazon Web Service as such ( and Amazon Web Services are technically different organizations), it’s a very compelling mashup opportunity–especially because the feeds pass an Amazon Associate ID as a parameter, which creates a unique revenue opportunity for developers. Often described as “Really […]

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/n Software Adds Amazon Support

The community around Amazon Web Services is really on a roll! One of the communities we hear from a lot is the ISV world. For example I met the CEO of /n software, Gent Hito, at ETech a couple of months ago. Gent’s company builds BizTalk adapters and SQL Server integration components. Gent was excited […]

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Amazon EC2 For Scientific Processing

Mike Cariaso was kind enough to set up the Meetup in Bethesda for my upcoming trip to Washington, DC. Mike has done some pretty cool work with with Amazon EC2, setting up the mpiBLAST tool to run on EC2. MPI, short for Message Passing Interface, is a standard for coordinating processing on supercomputer grids. MPIPCH2 […]

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See You in DC Next Week…

The user-generated schedule for my trip to Washington, DC is looking good, with a nice mix of presentations and developer meetings. Let’s hope that the temperature and the humidity are below 90 degrees and 90 percent, respectively. If you are not on my schedule, perhaps you can make it to one of my public events: […]

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Start Crunching – Create Mashups using MapCruncher and Render on S3

Microsoft Research developed an innovative tool called MapCruncher for Microsoft Virtual Earth that takes any map-based image (JPG or PDF format) and overlays that image onto Microsoft Virtual Earth to generate requisite tiles. These tiles can then be used to display the map in Virtual Earth / Google Maps fashion (zoom in/out, pan, move etc). […]

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Goplan goes AWS

Goplan – An online collaboration and project management tool – is a full fledged Ruby on Rails Application that is based on Amazon EC2 for hosting and Amazon S3 for storage. It took me less than 1 minute to get started with the app. No ugly big forms to fill out nor answer any difficult […]

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Video Bandwidth Protector

Bill Myers wrote to tell me about his Video Bandwidth Protector for Amazon S3. As Bill says: I developed this program to make it easy to store and display videos and Camtasia movies at Amazon S3 storage, while at the same time, making it very difficult for others to steal bandwidth via unauthorized display of […]

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