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Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.

New Zealand Trip Report

If there was ever any doubt about the power each of us have, this week proved that one person makes a real difference. I am midway two-week trip to New Zealand and Australia, and writing this post from New Zealand. The person that I’m talking about is Nick Jones let me explain how this evangelism […]

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Bungee Connect Opens up and Adds Amazon SimpleDB Access

My friends at Bungee Labs have rolled out the newest release of Bungee Connect, their browser-based application development and hosting platform. They have also released a library which makes it really easy to make calls to Amazon SimpleDB. The library wraps all of the SimpleDB SOAP calls and handles all of the authentication as well. […]

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S3 Stat – Usage Stats for S3 Files

S3Stat is a log analysis tool for Amazon S3. This very helpful tool uses the log files generated by S3, analyzes them using Webalizer, and generates a variety of insightful and colorful reports. I have been using S3Stat on one of my own buckets for the last couple of months and have been pleased with […]

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Zmanda Webinar

At 10 AM on Wednesday, February 13th, Dmitri Joukovski from Zmanda will explain how backup to Amazon S3 complements traditional backup to disk and tape. He will also demonstrate how easy it is to configure Amanda Enterprise for backup and recovery to Amazon S3. Dmitri will talk about the benefits of using S3 for off-site […]

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Wowza Media Server Pro On Amazon EC2

The unpredictable nature of the demand for rich media files, coupled with the amount of bandwidth needed to deal with a video that suddenly “goes viral” combine to create the circumstances for an event that I sometimes refer to as a “success disaster.” This happens when you create something cool and hope that it will […]

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VholdR – Wearable Camcorder and Community Site

Yesterday afternoon I left the confines of the Amazon headquarters building and paid a visit to the Seattle-area offices of Twenty20 Cameras in order to learn more about their new VholdR product. I learned that they’ve got a really cool piece of hardware which is tightly coupled to an Amazon-powered online service and I can’t […]

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