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AWS Week in Review – December 28, 2015

Let’s take a quick look at what happened in AWS-land last week:


December 28


December 29


December 30


December 31


January 1

New & Notable Open Source

  • awstagger is a tool for bulk adding, updating, and removing tags from AWS resources.
  • Clark2015_AWS can analyze neuroimaging data in the AWS cloud.
  • aws-reporting generates AWS usage reports.
  • swaggy-lambda is a tool to make serverless Swagger-based REST services using API Gateway and Lambda.
  • slackmessenger is a demo app for Docker, Codeship, and AWS.
  • apex is a minimal Lambda function manager with Go support.
  • fullstop performs audit reporting across multiple AWS accounts.
  • aws-autotranscode uses Lambda to automatically transcode incoming media using an S3 bucket.
  • s3-uploader is a simple file uploader for S3, written in Go.
  • aws-api-gateway-for-cloudformation is a set of custom resources that enables API Gateway support for CloudFormation.

New Customer Success Stories

New YouTube Videos

Help Wanted

  • Software Development Engineer – EC2 Windows.
  • AWS Careers.

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