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AWS Week in Review – February 29, 2016

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Let’s take a quick look at what happened in AWS-land last week:


February 29


March 1


March 2


March 3


March 4


March 5

  •  Nothing happened!

March 6

New & Notable Open Source

  • LENA is a Lambda Executed NAT Migration Tool.
  • tvarit-maven contains some AWS DevOps automation tools to run Wildfly on OpsWorks.
  • bamboo-ebs is an EBS provisioner for EBS and Bamboo.
  • lambda-packages contains some popular packages, precompiled for use with Lambda.
  • aws-workshop is a set of workshops for AWS, starting with S3.
  • proftpd-mod_aws is an AWS configuration for ProFTPD.
  • keymaker implements lightweight key management on EC2.
  • nubis-nat creates an AWS NAT instance and a Squid proxy.
  • alfresco-cloudformation-chef is a set of CloudFormation templates for the Alfresco One Reference Architecture.
  • humilis-firehose-resource is a custom CloudFormation resource to deploy Kinesis Firehose delivery streams.

New SlideShare Presentations

New Customer Success Stories

  • CrowdStrike – CrowdStrike uses AWS to implement a scalable, cloud-based solution for preventing cyber breaches with on-demand resources, thereby simplifying maintenance, reducing cost, and improving performance.
  • – After evaluating several Git hosting solutions, migrated its source code repositories to the cloud on AWS CodeCommit.
  • IXD – By basing its secure email and fax delivery services on AWS, IXD has disrupted the secure document transmission and messaging industry by offering its services for 80 percent less than some of its competitors.
  • – cut costs while improving performance and reliability for its enterprise communications and collaboration software, including Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Lync, and Microsoft SharePoint.

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