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SAP integration with Lookout for vision

Proactively detect and prevent manufacturing defects with SAP on AWS

This post was written by Ganesh Suryanarayanan, Krishnakumar Ramadoss, Joseph Rosing and Manoj Muthukrishnan. Introduction Machine learning increasingly enables a lower total cost of quality by detecting defects faster (in some cases predicting them) and augmenting traditional six sigma business process improvements with scalable, low-cost solutions. However, like many industrial machine learning use cases, the […]

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Implementing a continual learning machine learning pipeline with Amazon SageMaker, AWS Glue DataBrew and SAP S/4HANA

Machine learning is increasingly becoming a core part of the digital transformation. It helps companies recognize patterns at scale and find novel ways to delight customers, streamline operations, or help make a product successful in a competitive marketplace. In practice, when you build an architecture based on machine learning, you need to understand the data, […]

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Sales forecasting in SAP with Amazon Forecast

Introduction Sales forecasting is the process of predicting how much of something (a product or a service) someone (a company, a salesperson, a retailer etc.) will sell. To illustrate the importance of accurate forecasting, consider the case of a fashion e-retailer that sells products online. By predicting the demand correctly, they can maintain right level […]

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