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How to create Consulting Partner Private Offers


AWS Marketplace enables consulting partners to resell independent software vendors’ (sellers’) products through the Consulting Partner Private Offers (CPPO) program. The seller extends a recurring or one-time discount that grants the consulting partner authorization to resell one or more of their products. The consulting partner may then extend a private offer on behalf of the seller along with their professional services, support, or any additional margin.

Each CPPO is visible to only to a single subscriber. The CPPO has customized pricing for that subscriber and may include unique commercial terms per the subscriber’s needs. In this blog post, I provide a brief overview of the steps required by both the seller and consulting partner to start creating Consulting Partner Private Offers.

How to authorize a Consulting Partner as a seller

  1. Determine the wholesale cost and whether the discount to the consulting partner is recurring or a one-time opportunity.
  2. Work with your consulting partner to complete the AWS Marketplace Reseller Authorization Form.
  3. Email the form to or to your AWS Marketplace channel account manager.

Creating an Opportunity

If you have recurring authorization in place with a consulting partner and you would like to increase their current discount, you don’t have to reauthorize. Instead, you can create an opportunity for a partner to update the discount by following these steps:

  1. Sign into the AWS Marketplace Management Portal.
  2. Choose the Partners tab, and then choose Create Opportunity.
  3. Fill out the partner and product information, including the additional discount on top of the existing contract discount for the consulting partner.
    1. Please note: the information the seller enters in the Opportunity Name and Opportunity description fields will be visible to consulting partners in their monthly revenue report.
    2. Once you create an opportunity, you cannot extend the date. However, you can revoke an opportunity and recreate it at any time.

How to create a Private Offer as a Consulting Partner

Step 1: Register as a seller

To create a Consulting Partner Private Offer, you must be registered through the AWS Marketplace Management Portal as an AWS Marketplace seller. If you are not already a registered with AWS Marketplace as a seller, please see our Onboarding Guide for Resellers and get in touch with our onboarding team at to sign up.

Step 2: Become an authorized reseller

Coordinate with the seller to become an authorized reseller for a specific software solution. The seller will provide a recurring or one-time discount for you to purchase the software in order to resell in AWS Marketplace. This enables you to create both high-volume transactions and one-time negotiated registered private offers.

If you need assistance getting in touch with any seller on Marketplace to negotiate a discount, contact the channel team ( for an introduction.

Step 3: Create a private offer

You need the customer’s AWS account ID to create a private offer. If a master payer account is targeted in a private offer, all linked accounts will be able to subscribe to the private offer. If a linked account is targeted, only that account will be able to subscribe. Clarify with the customer what they prefer for their organization.

If you were authorized for a recurring discount, please follow the instructions below to create a private offer. If you were authorized for a one-time discount, contact Marketplace Sales Operations ( to get started.

  1. Log into the AWS Marketplace Management Portal.

Note: Ensure you are logged into the registered Seller account.

  1. Select the Offers
  2. Select the Product for private offer, enter Buyer account id(s). If you would like to create a payment plan for the customer, select the check box next to Allow buyers to pay for this product in installments. Select Next.
  3. Enter the pricing details of the offer (including the marked-up price by a percentage), upload the End User License Agreement (EULA), and enter the date for the offer expiration. Afterwards, choose Review Offer.
  4. Review the offer, and then select Extend Offer.

The publishing process for a private offer can take up to 45 minutes to complete. Once created, the offer will be visible on the Offers tab under Manage Offers.

Additional Resources

Please see the Consulting Partners Private Offers page if you would like to learn more about reselling software solutions in AWS Marketplace.

You can also reach the private offer team via email at with specific questions.

Additionally, please see the AWS Marketplace Providers Guide and AWS Marketplace Channel Programs to learn more.

About the author

Carmin CovarrubiasCarmin Covarrubias is a Program Manager on the AWS Marketplace Business Operations team supporting the Private Offers program and internal and external enablement. Outside of work, she loves spending time reading, baking, painting, playing sports, and trying new activities with her family.