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Introducing the updated Well-Architected Management and Governance Lens

Today, we are happy to announce an updated version of the AWS Well-Architected Management and Governance Lens (M&G Lens) whitepaper has been published!


Customers of every size and industry type are moving to the cloud to increase your security, agility, cost efficiency, scalability, and the ability to deploy more easily. Many customers are asking for guidance to help ensure your AWS environments meet those requirements.

The M&G Lens provides clear guidance to help your prepare your environment, regardless of your stage of cloud adoption, with a focus on eight different functions. Those functions are controls and guardrails, network connectivity, identity management, security management, monitoring and observability, cloud financial management, service management, and sourcing and distribution.

What do customers need?

As customers navigate their cloud journey, they often ask me for answers to critical questions, such as:

  • How do I prepare my AWS environment for a migration to run business workloads?
  • How do I enable organizational governance controls or prepare my environment to meet regulatory compliance requirements?
  • How do I build, secure, observe, manage, and assess the operational effectiveness of my mission-critical environments?
  • Which seller partner solutions should I leverage to complement the eight functions?

What does M&G Lens offer?

Based on experiences from thousands of successful migrations, the M&G Lens helps decision-makers and cloud, networking, and security architects configure AWS environments. This helps to evaluate if the environment is configured properly and prepare to scale. The M&G Lens includes the following:

  • Detailed implementation priorities that helps define what steps to take and in what order.
  • Information on how the functions interoperate to provide efficient management and governance.
  • Recommended AWS services for each function.
  • Information on which AWS Partner solutions are available in AWS Marketplace that support multi-account environments and work with AWS Control Tower.
  • Implementation guidance in the form of architectural diagrams, guides, and product videos.
  • A list of AWS Consulting Partners in the Built on AWS Control Tower offering that provide turnkey complementary solutions and services.


This updated version of the M&G Lens will provide prescriptive guidance to validate your new or existing AWS environments. It also offers recommendations for any identified gaps. For more information about building your own Well-Architected environment using the M&G Lens, see the updated whitepaper.  If you have questions or want to learn more, contact your account executive.

Special thanks to everyone across the AWS communities who shared their expertise. Their contributions encompassed diverse perspectives, expertise, and experiences in developing the new AWS Well-Architected M&G Lens.


Nam Le Nam Le is a Marketplace Senior Partner Solutions Architect at AWS. He focuses on security, management and governance with 20 years of experience in technical marketing, consulting, sales, and engineering. He specializes in AWS Control Tower, AWS Service Catalog, AWS Marketplace, and AWS Data Exchange. As an AWS Marketplace solutions architect, he also works with AWS partners to build and deliver best-practices solutions to customers. Outside work, he enjoys biking, car building, travel photography, and spending time with family.



Benjamin Andrew Benjamin Andrew is a Principal Product Manager for AWS in Marketplace & Control Services. He focuses on cybersecurity, management and governance with 25 years of professional services, enterprise product management and business development experience. Benjamin is coordinating the Well-Architected Management and Governance Lens program, along with AWS service teams, subject matter experts and independent software vendors to help organizations to prepare their AWS environments for management, governance and operational agility. In his free time, Ben loves to spend time with family and is coordinating a social impact project to sponsor and build a tiny home village with many other AWS employees to help reduce the number of people living on the streets of Seattle.



Jim McDonald is a Senior Management and Governance specialist for AWS in Marketplace & Control Services. He is passionate about cloud architecture and helping customers solve tough challenges in creative ways. Jim has more than 30 years of technology experience working in Oil and Gas, Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare, and professional services. He enjoys spending his free time with family, getting outdoors, listening to great music, and reading a good book.