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Create catchment areas using drive times with Redshift and Carto available in AWS Data Exchange

Create catchment areas using drive times with Redshift and AWS Data Exchange

Spatial data is a key ingredient for many analytical use cases, such as route optimization, location-based marketing, asset tracking, or environmental risk assessment. Bulk geospatial tasks like geocoding and generating isoline polygons have traditionally required complex APIs or highly specialized software—not to mention the Extract Transform Load (ETL) processes involved in those approaches. CARTO has […]

Accelerating Spark workloads Amazon EMR Windjammer plugin

Accelerating Spark workloads on Amazon EMR with Windjammer’s Spark plugin

AWS customers often use Apache Spark for distributed big data processing. Spark has gained popularity due to its fast in-memory computing that enables parallel computation of tasks across multiple nodes. To aid customers with running Spark workloads, Amazon EMR provides a managed cluster platform that makes it easy to run frameworks such as Apache Hadoop, […]

Getting more value from EMR and EHR healthcare data

Getting more value from EMR and EHR healthcare data

This blog post is an overview of a webinar, Unlock the value of your health data with solutions through AWS Marketplace. The session featured guest speakers Dr. Tim Pletcher, executive director at Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services (MiHIN), and Emily Sokol, director of research at Xtelligent Healthcare Media. In this webinar, we went into […]

Data visualization in AWS using AWS Data Exchange and Amazon QuickSight

Until now, finding the right third-party data to help uncover insights for your business has remained a slow and cumbersome process. With AWS Marketplace’s new service, AWS Data Exchange, you can now search, sample, and subscribe to data products across any industry. AWS Data Exchange’s catalog gives AWS customers access to data sources. You can […]

AWS Marketplace case study TIBCO Riteway data analytics

Riteway compares options in AWS Marketplace, chooses Spotfire for 93% faster insights

In this post, I’ll offer a summary of the data challenges faced by Riteway Sales and Marketing, a member of BeaconUnited, and how the company used TIBCO Spotfire on AWS, an analytics software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution designed for data exploration, to address those challenges. I’ll also include some of the results Riteway achieved by implementing the […]

ibotta cloudability case study aws marketplace

Ibotta Saves $1 Million with Cloudability from AWS Marketplace

In this post, you’ll discover how Ibotta, a mobile shopping app that helps consumers save money by generating cash back on in-store and mobile purchases, used Cloudability from AWS Marketplace to automate its reporting on cloud usage. This helped to increase its coverage of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) Reserved Instances by 20 percent […]