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The following diagram illustrates a high-level integration of AWS Systems Manager interaction with an EMR cluster.

Securing access to EMR clusters using AWS Systems Manager

Organizations need to secure infrastructure when enabling access to engineers to build applications. Opening SSH inbound ports on instances to enable engineer access introduces the risk of a malicious entity running unauthorized commands. Using a Bastion host or jump server is a common approach used to allow engineer access to Amazon EMR cluster instances by […]

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Deploy an Amazon EMR edge node with RStudio using AWS Systems Manager

RStudio is an integrated development environment (IDE) for R, a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. As a data scientist, you may integrate R and Spark (a big data processing framework) to analyze large datasets. You can use an R package called sparklyr to offload filtering and aggregation of large datasets from your […]

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How to retain system tables’ data spanning multiple Amazon Redshift clusters and run cross-cluster diagnostic queries

In this blog post, I present a solution that exports system tables from multiple Amazon Redshift clusters into an Amazon S3 bucket. This solution is serverless, and you can schedule it as frequently as every five minutes. The AWS CloudFormation deployment template that I provide automates the solution setup in your environment. The system tables’ data in the Amazon S3 bucket is partitioned by cluster name and query execution date to enable efficient joins in cross-cluster diagnostic queries.

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