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Real-time in-memory OLTP and Analytics with Apache Ignite on AWS

Babu Elumalai is a Solutions Architect with AWS Organizations are generating tremendous amounts of data, and they increasingly need tools and systems that help them use this data to make decisions. The data has both immediate value (for example, trying to understand how a new promotion is performing in real time) and historic value (trying […]

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Building a Near Real-Time Discovery Platform with AWS

Assaf Mentzer is a Senior Consultant for AWS Professional Services In the spirit of the U.S presidential election of 2016, in this post I use Twitter public streams to analyze the candidates’ performance, both Republican and Democrat, in a near real-time fashion. I show you how to integrate AWS managed services—Amazon Kinesis Firehose, AWS Lambda […]

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Persist Streaming Data to Amazon S3 using Amazon Kinesis Firehose and AWS Lambda

Derek Graeber is a Senior Consultant in Big Data Analytics for AWS Professional Services Streaming data analytics is becoming main-stream (pun intended) in large enterprises as the technology stacks have become more user-friendly to implement. For example, Spark-Streaming connected to an Amazon Kinesis stream is a typical model for real-time analytics. But one area that […]

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