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Maintaining Transport Layer Security all the way to your container part 2: Using AWS Certificate Manager Private Certificate Authority

This post contributed by AWS Senior Cloud Infrastructure Architect Anabell St Vincent and AWS Solutions Architect Alex Kimber. The previous post, Maintaining Transport Layer Security All the Way to Your Container, covered how the layer 4 Network Load Balancer can be used to maintain Transport Layer Security (TLS) all the way from the client to […]

Building, deploying, and operating containerized applications with AWS Fargate

This post was contributed by Jason Umiker, AWS Solutions Architect. Whether it’s helping facilitate a journey to microservices or deploying existing tools more easily and repeatably, many customers are moving toward containerized infrastructure and workflows. AWS provides many of the services and mechanisms to help you with that. In this post, I show you how […]

Setting Up an Envoy Front Proxy on Amazon ECS

NOTICE: April 17, 2023 – This post no longer reflects the best guidance for configuring a service mesh with Amazon ECS and its examples no longer work as shown. Please refer to newer content on Amazon ECS Service Connect or AWS App Mesh instead. This post was contributed by Nare Hayrapetyan, Sr. Software Engineer Many customers […]

How to Automate Container Instance Draining in Amazon ECS

My colleague Madhuri Peri sent a nice guest post that describes how to use container instance draining to remove tasks from an instance before scaling down a cluster with Auto Scaling Groups. —– There are times when you might need to remove an instance from an Amazon ECS cluster; for example, to perform system updates, […]