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Synchronizing Amazon S3 Buckets Using AWS Step Functions

Constantin Gonzalez is a Principal Solutions Architect at AWS In my free time, I run a small blog that uses Amazon S3 to host static content and Amazon CloudFront to distribute it world-wide. I use a home-grown, static website generator to create and upload my blog content onto S3. My blog uses two S3 buckets: […]

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Simplify Serverless Applications with Environment Variables in AWS Lambda

Gene Ting, Solutions Architect Lambda developers often want to configure their functions without changing any code. In this post, we show you how to use environment variables to pass settings to your Lambda function code and libraries. Creating and updating a Lambda function First, create a Lambda function that uses some environment variables. Here’s a […]

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Serverless Cross Account Stream Replication Using AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon Kinesis Firehose

This is a guest post by Richard Freeman, Ph.D., a solutions architect and data scientist at JustGiving. JustGiving in their own words: “We are one of the world’s largest social platforms for giving that’s helped 27.7 million users in 196 countries raise $4.1 billion for over 27,000 good causes.” At JustGiving, we want our analysts […]

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