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Node.js 8.10 runtime now available in AWS Lambda

This post courtesy of Ed Lima, AWS Solutions Architect We are excited to announce that you can now develop your AWS Lambda functions using the Node.js 8.10 runtime, which is the current Long Term Support (LTS) version of Node.js. Start using this new version today by specifying a runtime parameter value of nodejs8.10 when creating or […]

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Going Serverless: Migrating an Express Application to Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda

Brett Andrews Software Development Engineer Amazon API Gateway recently released three new features that simplify the process of forwarding HTTP requests to your integration endpoint: greedy path variables, the ANY method, and proxy integration types. With this new functionality, it becomes incredibly easy to run HTTP applications in a serverless environment by leveraging the aws-serverless-express […]

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How to turn Node.js projects into AWS Lambda microservices easily with ClaudiaJS

This is a guest post by Gojko Adzic, creator of ClaudiaJS   While working on MindMup 2.0, we started moving parts of our API and back-end infrastructure from Heroku to AWS Lambda. The first Lambda function we created required a shell script of about 120 lines of AWS command-line calls to properly set up, and […]

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Everything Depends on Context or, The Fine Art of nodejs Coding in AWS Lambda

Tim Wagner, AWS Lambda General Manager Quick, what’s wrong with the Lambda code sketch below? exports.handler = function(event, context) { anyAsyncCall(args, function(err, result) { if (err) console.log(‘problem’); else /* do something with result */; }); context.succeed(); }; If you said the placement of context.succeed, you’re correct – it belongs inside the callback. In general, when […]

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