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Amazon Connect Costs Less

Amazon Connect costs less to operate than any other contact center
Including a 26% price reduction on Amazon Connect telephony prices for U.S. customers.

Here at AWS, we’re always trying to save our customers money, and on May 24, we did it again by reducing Amazon Connect telephony prices for our US customers by 26% in the US East (N. Virginia) and US West (Oregon) regions. Amazon Connect is AWS’s easy-to-use, self-service, cloud contact center service you can use to deliver more engaging customer service experiences. The self-service graphical interface makes it easy to design customer self-service experiences, manage agent utilization, and track performance metrics. You can create an Amazon Connect cloud contact center with just a few clicks in the Amazon Connect console and quickly and easily makes changes and updates.

At AWS, we are focused on building great products that are easy to use, AI-enabled, and scalable, but we also know that customers care about price. We are constantly hearing that the way companies currently pay for contact centers just doesn’t make sense. Traditionally when purchasing contact center software, you pay up-front for capacity, agent seats, licenses and hardware, and then pay for added maintenance. This forces you to make some up-front decisions on the number of users that don’t allow for seasonality and peak time management. You end up having to guess what you will need in advance and then pay for the most you might ever need, no-matter what happens in the real world. You even have to pay for supervisors and managers who never even take a call.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a pricing model that aligned to your business objectives instead of fighting them? Amazon Connect pricing does just that. You don’t have pay for licenses up front, or guess your exact usage patterns ahead of time. With Amazon Connect, you are only charged for the number of minutes you use Amazon Connect plus any associated telephony services.

For example, an Amazon customer calls using an Amazon Connect US toll-free number in the US East (N. Virginia) region, answered by an agent on the Amazon Connect softphone and the call lasts 7 minutes. The total cost of this call would be $0.27. There are only three charges for this call:
– There is an Amazon Connect service usage charge, based on end-customer call duration. (At $0.018 per minute 7 minutes = $0.126)
– There is an inbound call per minute charge for US toll-free numbers. (At $0.012 per minute * 7 minutes = $0.084 plus applicable taxes, fees, and surcharges)
– There is a per day charge for use of the US toll-free number. (At $0.06 per day * 1 day = $0.06)

Many customers have told us they are saving significant amounts of money, simply by moving their contact center to Amazon Connect. Beyond our customer-friendly pricing that allows huge cost savings through lower rates and no licensing, Amazon Connect drives down costs through massive scale without up-front commitments.

At Amazon we are always looking for ways to save our customers money and I am excited to announce a new telephony price reduction for Amazon Connect. We have reduced telephony pricing in the US East (N. Virginia) and US West (Oregon) regions. US Inbound Direct Inward Dial (DID) has decreased 27% from $0.0030 to $0.0022 per minute, and US Outbound has decreased 26% from $0.0065 to $0.0048 per minute. Providing cost-effective and innovative solutions is very important to AWS and we love to share our customers’ successes.

Easy Self-Service: Enables ChartSpan to provide better service

ChartSpan, the largest managed service provider of chronic care management programs in the Unites States, has realized massive savings. Here’s what Patrick Carter, Chief Medical Officer at ChartSpan had to say, “At ChartSpan…our clinical contact center staff utilization has increased by 12%, and we have decreased our costs by 80.5% due to the consumption-based pricing of Amazon Connect. It also takes less human capital to maintain Amazon Connect, and that has resulted in a 67% reduction in management and engineering spend. Moving to Amazon Connect has dramatically impacted our business. We’ve eliminated costs, improved productivity, and improved our margins.”

Faster Deployment: Allows RedAwning to quickly take advantage of game-changing technology

Using Amazon Connect, RedAwning has gained major new capabilities—including easy-to-deploy virtual agents powered by artificial intelligence—while cutting costs by 80 percent compared to its previous contact center solution. RedAwning pays by the minute for usage and has no infrastructure to manage, enabling it to scale without adding staff or incurring capital costs. Given that RedAwning has tripled in size annually since its founding, these benefits are critically important to its business success.

Massive Scale: Inuit launched world-wide and continues to grow quickly

Intuit has 100% of their organization on Amazon Connect. They were able to roll-out to North America, EMEA, and APAC all at the same time. They continue to grow and love that new contact center sites can be set up quickly and easily. Since the AWS Cloud does the heavy lifting, there is no equipment to ship and Inuit is able to quickly scale to meet the needs of the business and provide the best possible customer experience.
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For a list of regions where Amazon Connect is available, see the AWS Region table. First time Amazon Connect customers can try the service by using the AWS Free Tier. Visit the Amazon Connect website to learn more about Amazon Connect.