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Reimagine customer experiences with AWS at Customer Contact Week 2024

The customer experience landscape is rapidly evolving, driven by rising expectations and technological innovations like generative artificial intelligence (AI). At Amazon Web Services (AWS), we are committed to empowering businesses to deliver exceptional customer service and experiences. This year, we are thrilled to be a sponsor of Customer Contact Week 2024, one of the most anticipated events for contact center and customer experience professionals.

From June 3-6 2024, we will showcase our latest solutions and share insights on how organizations can leverage the power of Amazon Connect to transform their customer interactions. Our lineup of sessions, workshops, and panels will provide attendees with practical knowledge and strategies to elevate their customer service and forge enduring customer connections. Here are some highlights from the AWS Agenda if you are attending the event:


Experience the art of delivering differentiated customer service
June 4 | 9:00 – 10:30 AM (PST)

You know Amazon as the pioneer of e-commerce and benchmark for exceptional customer experiences. But how does their relentless customer obsession drive innovation in service delivery? In this session, get an inside look at game-changing use cases and explore the role of generative AI in transforming customer service across businesses. Through practical applications and real-world scenarios, gain invaluable insights and skills intended to empower you to elevate customer interactions to new heights.

Mainstage Panel:

Winning every customer engagement with generative AI
June 5 | 5:00 – 5:30 PM (PST)

Generative AI is reshaping customer care and contact centers across industries. In this session, explore how companies are applying generative AI to reimagine customer interactions and deliver truly legendary experiences. From using generative AI to derive actionable customer insights to providing generative AI–powered tailored responses directly to agents at each turn of the conversation, organizations are unlocking entirely new frontiers in customer experience innovation. Hear directly from customer experience leaders who are reimagining the customer experience, and walk away with key learnings and best practices to elevate your contact center’s performance.

Pavilion sessions:

In these sessions, AWS experts, alongside customers, will explore how AI, analytics, and intelligent self-service capabilities within Amazon Connect can transform customer experiences. Attendees will gain insights into leveraging these technologies to enhance agent performance, drive continuous improvement, deliver seamless omnichannel experiences, and unlock the power of data-driven customer experiences.

Data-driven approach to redefining customer and agent experiences
June 5 | 12:00 – 12:45 PM (PST)

Discover how Sentry Insurance leveraged Amazon Connect and a data-driven approach to revamp its contact center operations, delivering personalized, customer-centric experiences that elevate customer satisfaction and agent productivity.

Enhance omnichannel engagement with intelligent self-service experiences
June 5 | 1:45 – 2:30 PM (PST)

Explore strategies to leverage the conversational AI and intelligent self-service capabilities of Amazon Connect to deliver exceptional omnichannel experiences, streamline customer interactions, and drive customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and business growth.

Empower every agent to be their best with AI-powered Amazon Connect
June 5 | 2:45 – 3:30 PM (PST)

Discover how AI can empower contact center agents from day one, providing capabilities, insights, and recommendations to support agents of all experience levels, ensuring exceptional customer interactions and satisfaction.

Drive continuous improvement with AI-driven analytics in Amazon Connect
June 6 | 12:00 – 12:45 PM (PST)

Discover how consolidating disparate technologies into a unified solution can reduce operational costs, enhance customer experiences, and empower supervisors with analytics and insights to monitor quality and improve agent performance.

Energize your contact center and customer experience with generative AI
June 6 | 1:45 – 2:30 PM (PST)

Explore how generative AI can drive real business outcomes, while preserving human interactions that build relationships and trust. Hear data-driven customer case studies that demonstrate how you can streamline operations, harness the power of your data, and elevate the customer experience with this exciting technology.

Partner sessions & demonstrations

At the AWS booth, explore partner solutions from PWC, Slalom, TTEC, Cloudhesive, USAN, and Maximus that leverage the power of generative AI and integrate seamlessly with Amazon Connect. By reducing call queues by up to 80%, boosting self-service rates, and accelerating resolution times, these industry-tailored solutions unlock boundless potential for customer-centric innovation.

In addition, partner pavilion sessions featuring Deloitte, ServiceNow, Local Measure, and NeuraFlash on the AWS stage will inform attendees on how to transform the employee experience using generative AI, boost agent productivity, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive business growth.

Connect with us

Customer Contact Week 2024 presents an opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals, share knowledge, and discover cutting-edge solutions that can drive tangible business impact. Whether you are looking to optimize your contact center operations, harness the potential of AI and analytics, or elevate your overall customer experience strategy, AWS has the expertise and solutions to support your journey.

To schedule a meeting with our team or learn more about our presence, please reach out to your AWS account team. You can also book a meeting with an AWS expert attending the event. We look forward to connecting with you.

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