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Analyze Amazon Connect agent event stream with Amazon Athena and Amazon QuickSight-part 5

Introduction Organizations want contact center reporting and analytic capabilities for agents’ activities. This enables them to manage agent staffing and optimizing the contact center work force operations. Contact center platforms with limited integration capability make it challenging to generate custom reports and perform advanced agent activity analytics. Amazon Connect agent event streams are Amazon Kinesis […]

Automating Amazon QuickSight dashboard creation for analyzing Amazon Connect data

Introduction To get the most advanced analytics benefits, organizations need a robust platform and a cost-effective solution to run a thriving contact center. This is achieved by building a data lake on Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). Amazon Connect Data Lake Best Practices whitepaper lays out the various data sources within Amazon Connect, and steps […]

Building a serverless contact center wallboard for Amazon Connect

One of the most common requests in the contact center space is for a wallboard – a real-time dashboard of information relevant to the staff or management who work there. Normally this is displayed on a large screen in the contact center. Data on the wallboard generally come from the contact center service, but you […]