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Validate your expertise in AWS purpose-built databases with new AWS Certification

Today, we are announcing the new AWS Certified Database – Specialty certification, which validates an individual’s expertise in recommending, designing, and maintaining the optimal AWS database solution to improve performance, reduce costs, and enable innovation. This certification is the first to validate technical skill in AWS purpose-built databases.

To create new AWS Certifications, we work with experienced experts to set the bar for competency in the relevant role or technical topic. These subject matter experts identify the knowledge and skills that should be represented by earning the certification. Neil Leslie, Sr. Staff Data and Information Architect, and Brian Millard, Sr. Technical Program Manager, both at GE Core Technology, contributed to the development of the certification as AWS database subject matter experts, or SMEs.

Millard says “This certification can set someone apart as a Cloud database professional. For our organization, the skills covered in the certification are necessary to build a solid and respected cloud-based team.” Leslie noted that this new certification “allows companies to easily identify database talent and ensure that the right decisions are taken to protect their data and minimize cost in their transformational journey.” Database experience and depth of knowledge are critical competencies for AWS customers and partners who want to be confident in selecting the right database for a workload and in a team that can deliver on requirements, like scalability and security.

This certification is the first to validate expertise in a variety of relational and nonrelational databases. Goran Opacic, owner of Esteh, sees value in experience with the variety of AWS databases: “For years I was trying to make one database solve all my data problems. AWS opened my eyes in terms of how easy it is to mix these products in one solution by using the same security model, migration tools, SDK, etc. — and these are the skills you need to be successful with the AWS Certified Database – Specialty exam.” Opacic is also the community leader of AWS User Group Belgrade and one of the AWS Data Heroes, which is a worldwide group of IT leaders and educators with a shared passion for analytics, database, and blockchain technologies.

How can database expertise help during a migration? Organizations undertaking migration efforts need database talent from the beginning of database design and extending through to everyday management. Leslie says, “expertise in databases is invaluable during homogeneous and heterogenous migrations to limit downtime and impact on the business, and also after a transition to maximize potential while managing database workloads.” Opacic says, “It is important to recognize different AWS databases as solutions for particular challenges and know how to use these products in the most secure way. Trust me, you don’t want to make a mistake with encryption keys.”

Get AWS Certified

You can now schedule the AWS Certified Database – Specialty certification exam at testing centers worldwide for 300 USD. A practice exam is also available for 40 USD.

Build your expertise

AWS offers resources to help build your database expertise, including the new AWS Databases Learning Path, the three-day Planning and Designing Databases on AWS classroom course, the two-hour Exam Readiness: AWS Certified Database – Specialty digital training course, an in-depth AWS Database Ramp-Up Guide, suggested AWS whitepapers, and product/technical FAQs.

To learn more about this certification, visit the AWS Certification website, or schedule your exam today.


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Beth Shepherd is the Product Marketing Manager for AWS Certification. She joined Amazon in 2019 and is based in Boston.





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