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AWS EUC @re:Invent: Day 1

Get your caffeine fix for the day, it’s day 1 of AWS re:Invent!

It is my first re:Invent and one valuable piece of advice I’ve received is, “Get a pair of good shoes,” because there is so much to see, learn and do.

Let me give you a high-level overview of what to expect from AWS End User Computing today, as we officially kickoff re:Invent 2022.

Visit the AWS End User Computing kiosk 41 in the AWS Village, from 4PM-7PM, to interact with the team, and enjoy some food and drinks at the opening night Expo Hall reception.

At the booth, you’ll get to know the basics of Amazon WorkSpaces family and AppStream 2.0. Watch demos on how AWS End User Computing services can benefit you through virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) management and conversion of legacy applications to SaaS.

Here are the EUC sessions scheduled for today. The session code with an “R” means it will be repeated. R1 means that it is a repeat session. So even if you miss a session, you can attend the repeat session.

  1. EUC305-R: Create an online software trial with Amazon AppStream 2.0
  2. EUC205-R: Managing application deployment in an Amazon WorkSpaces environment
  3. EUC306-R: Getting started with Amazon WorkSpaces
  4. EUC311: Building a secure end user computing environment for power users
  5. EUC301-R: Securely stream AWS workloads to your remote workers
  6. EUC202: What’s new with Amazon WorkSpaces, Amazon AppStream 2.0 & WorkSpaces Web

If the session you’d like to attend is already full, don’t worry. Just add it to your favorites by clicking the star. This will put you on the waitlist, so you can just show up at the session to claim an open seat.


Here’s a recap of the first day of re:Invent.

AWS re:Invent Day 1 highlights

For a complete overview of all the AWS End User Computing activities at re:Invent 2022, click here.

Aqsa Mughees Aqsa Mughees is a Product Marketing Manager, End User Computing at AWS. She is passionate to learn new things and help create a difference through marketing and technology. She loves to play Tekken, watch thriller movies, enjoy good food, and go on vacations.