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What AWS End User Computing is brewing for re:Invent 2022

View the highlights for AWS EUC @re:Invent 2022 day 1, day 2, day 3, and day 4.

It’s that time of year again! AWS re:Invent is right around the corner, and whether you’re attending the event or not, we want to make sure you know of all the opportunities to learn about ways to implement virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and convert Windows- or Linux-based desktop applications to SaaS using AWS End User Computing services. So, read on to learn how to engage with AWS EUC at re:Invent 2022!

Here are a few “can’t-miss-opportunities” that our team has put together for you.

Let’s first discuss the AWS End User Computing session catalog. You can select filters according to your requirements to find sessions to add to your personal agenda. See all the details of each session and click on ‘register’ to save a seat.

Reserved seating is filling fast, but remember that only 75% of seats in a session are reservable. So, if you can’t reserve a seat in a session you want to attend, make sure to add it to your favorites and join the waitlist. Then, just show up at the door before the session to claim an open seat!

AWS EUC Sessions

AWS re:Invent sessions run throughout the week. Sessions range from thought leadership content to hands-on workshops. Find and read more about all the AWS EUC sessions below. Be sure to click on each session ID to learn more and reserve yourself a seat!

Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions are 60-minute, lecture style sessions with Q&A. They typically cover all topics at all levels (200–400) and are delivered by AWS experts, with customers and partners as guests.

Session ID

Date Title Speaker(s)
EUC202 Monday, November 28 What’s new with Amazon WorkSpaces, Amazon AppStream 2.0 & WorkSpaces Web

Rey Wang, Principal Product Manager, AWS

Wylie Hartwell, Senior Vice President, Maximus

Hassan Ahmed, Head of Product, AWS

EUC201 Tuesday, November 29 Creating the workplace of the future with AWS end user computing Muneer Mirza, GM, End User Computing, AWS
EUC204 Tuesday, November 29 Creating remote work environments that optimize security and productivity

Stephen Stetler, Senior EUC Specialist Solutions Architect, AWS

Melissa Stein, Director of Product, AWS

Joshua Hartwig, Director of Software Engineering, Capital One

EUC203 Wednesday, November 30 Creating flexibility and choice for VDI management with Amazon WorkSpaces Kevin Goodman, Director of Product, AWS
EUC307 Wednesday, November 30 Accelerating SaaS conversion of applications Gurinder Raju, GM Amazon WorkSpaces and Amazon AppStream 2.0, AWS

Chalk Talks

Chalk talks have a limited audience and are highly interactive. Expect sessions to run 60 minutes with interactive Q&A throughout the session. The goal is to encourage a technical discussion around real-world builder challenges.

Session ID

Date Title


EUC205 Monday, November 28 Managing application deployment in an Amazon WorkSpaces environment Sam Goad, Sr. Solutions Architect, AWS
ECU301 Monday, November 28 Securely stream AWS workloads to your remote workers Andrew Morgan, Sr. Developer Advocate, AWS
EUC302 Tuesday, November 29 No refactoring required: Turning legacy applications into SaaS Dave Jaskie, EUC Solutions Architect, AWS



Wednesday, November 30 Best practices for migrating on-premises VDI workloads to the cloud Phil Persson, Principal Specialist Solutions Architect, AWS
EUC309 Wednesday, November 30 Choosing an Amazon AppStream 2.0 fleet to reduce costs & optimize experience Manav Verma, Sr. Product Manager Technical, AWS
EUC312 Wednesday, November 30 Securing end user computing workloads on AWS end user computing services Michael Mattes, Enterprise Account Engineer, AWS


Workshops are 120-minute hands-on, interactive sessions. You work in teams using AWS services to solve problems. Workshops divide attendees into groups, providing real-world scenarios to foster interaction and learning from each other. Be sure to bring your laptop to each Workshop. AWS experts from the Solution Architecture and Product teams will lead the session and provide any AWS credits you may need.

Session ID






Monday, November 28 Create an online software trial with Amazon AppStream 2.0 Jeremy Schiefer, Sr. Solutions Architect, AWS



Monday, November 28 Getting started with Amazon WorkSpaces Justin Grego, Sr. Specialized Solutions Architect, AWS



Tuesday, November 29 Getting started with Amazon AppStream 2.0 Dylan Barlett, Solutions Architect, AWS
EUC304 Wednesday, November 30 Enable secure access to private resources with Amazon WorkSpaces Web

Grant Joslyn, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS

Spencer DeBrosse, Principal Solutions Architect, AWS

Builders’ Sessions

These are 60-minute, small group sessions. Each begins with a demonstration or a short explanation of what you are going to build. There is one AWS expert at each table, who answers questions and provides guidance throughout. It’s recommended to bring your laptop to each Builders’ session, but not required.

Session ID

Date Title


EUC311 Monday, November 28 Building a secure end user computing environment for power users

Daniel Garibay, Sr. EUC Specialist Solutions Architect, AWS

Dave Jaskie, EUC Solutions Architect, AWS

Aisha Bello, Solutions Architect, AWS

Robert Fountain, ProServe Consultant, AWS

Roy Tokeshi, Solutions Architect, AWS

EUC313 Tuesday, November 29 Building streaming applications using Amazon AppStream 2.0 Elastic fleets

Don Scott, Senior Consultant, EUC, AWS

Daniel Garibay, Sr. EUC Specialist Solutions Architect, AWS

Dave Jaskie, EUC Solutions Architect, AWS

Aisha Bello, Solutions Architect, AWS

Roy Tokeshi, Solutions Architect, AWS

Theater Sessions

Theatre demos occur on the Expo Hall floor, and are an opportunity for large groups to briefly gain a high-level understanding of specific AWS services and see the services in action. An expert is available to guide you through the services, and answer any questions you may have.

Session ID Date Title Speaker(s)



Wednesday, November 30 Maximize employee experience with Amazon WorkSpaces & AppStream 2.0 Stephen Stetler, Senior EUC Specialist Solutions Architect, AWS
EUC002 Wednesday, November 30 Enable secure access to private resources with Amazon WorkSpaces Web Andrew Kloman, Solutions Architect, AWS

AWS EUC Reception – It’s a party, and you are invited!

And it wouldn’t be re:Invent without a party!

We believe that a big chunk of learning comes from networking, sharing opinions, and building connections with peers.

Join us at our networking event on November 30th 2022. It is a perfect opportunity for you to mingle with fellow builders, meet the AWS leadership and our foremost technical experts, and talk about your thoughts with the product team.

Join us for some drinks, some nice appetizers, and a few fun activities for you to unwind, relax, and just enjoy yourselves. Oh, and there will be SWAG!

RSVP today, and don’t forget to bring your friends along. The more, the merrier!

Stay tuned for updates

As we are getting closer to re:Invent, do check back for latest updates on the sessions and networking event. We will also do daily follow-ups during the event so that you do not miss out on anything!

View the highlights for AWS EUC @re:Invent 2022 day 1, day 2, day 3, and day 4.

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