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AWS Chalice Now Supports YAML Templates

Version 1.15.0 of AWS Chalice, a framework for writing serverless applications in Python, adds support for YAML when generating and merging AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) templates. This allows you to add additional AWS resources to your Chalice application. As part of deploying a Chalice application, you can generate a SAM template that represents your […]

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Centralize Logs using CDK

Deploying AWS Chalice application using AWS Cloud Development Kit

In this blog, we will build a simple service based on Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda for managing users in Amazon DynamoDB table. I will be using AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) and AWS Chalice frameworks to develop both infrastructure and application logic as code. There is some overlap between CDK and Chalice […]

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Handling arbitrary HTTP requests in Amazon API Gateway

In this post, I walk you through the steps to build a serverless web application that can accept arbitrary HTTP requests and use custom logic to return arbitrary responses. The concepts in this post are applicable to any situation where you require flexible control over the HTTP requests received and returned by an application that uses […]

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Announcing AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code has become an enormously popular tool for serverless developers, partly due to the intuitive user interface. It’s also because of the rich ecosystem of extensions that can customize and automate so much of the development experience. We are excited to announce that the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio Code extension is now […]

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Getting started with the AWS Cloud Development Kit and Python

This post introduces you to the new Python bindings for the AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK). What’s the AWS CDK, you might ask? Good question! You are probably familiar with the concept of infrastructure as code (IaC). When you think of IaC, you might think of things like AWS CloudFormation. AWS CloudFormation allows you […]

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Introducing AWS X-Ray support for Python web frameworks used in Serverless applications

This is a guest post by Chan Chiem Jeffery Saeteurn. Jeffery is a Software Development Engineer on the AWS X-Ray SDK Team. He has fond interests in IoT, distributed systems, and crafting software to automate everyday tasks. Announcing AWS X-Ray SDK for Python support for instrumenting web frameworks deployed in serverless applications! Serverless is an […]

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Chalice – 1.0.0 GA Release

We’re excited to announce the 1.0.0 GA (Generally Available) release of Chalice! Chalice is an open source serverless microframework that enables you to create and maintain application backends with a variety of AWS resources. These include: AWS Lambda Amazon API Gateway AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) Amazon Cognito Amazon CloudWatch Amazon CloudWatch Events AWS […]

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Chalice Version 1.0.0b1 Is Now Available

We’ve just released Chalice version 1.0.0b1, the first preview release of Chalice 1.0.0. Since our last post that showcased the 0.9.0 release we’ve added numerous features we’re excited to share with you. Support for built in authorizers. In earlier versions of Chalice, you could integrate a custom authorizer with your Chalice application. However, you had […]

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Chalice Version 0.9.0 is Now Available

The latest preview version of Chalice, our microframework for Python serverless application development, is now available. This release includes a couple of commonly requested features: Binary content type support. Chalice now automatically configures support for binary payloads in Amazon API Gateway. Configuration options for AWS Lambda functions. You can now configure the amount of memory, […]

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