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Building a multiplayer game with Amazon GameSparks and Amazon GameLift

Session-based multiplayer games are a popular form of online game, as they provide players with a quick, engaging experience that they can jump into at any time. However, building a scalable and reliable session-based online multiplayer game is not easy, since there are many components that need to be developed. You need game server hosting for […]

Managing Your Game Studio on AWS: Part 1

Managing Your Game Studio on AWS: Part 1

Written by Adam Hatfield, Pawan Matta and Daniel Whitehead Edited by Nathan Graves As game developers first begin their cloud journey, you commonly hear them ask, “Where do we start?” AWS has over 200 services, countless features, and it can be hard to know where to begin and why. One of the most beneficial things […]

Building Games on AWS: Security – New YouTube Video Series Launch

Building Games on AWS: Security – New YouTube Video Series Launch

AWS for Games is excited to announce “Building Games on AWS: Security” – a new YouTube series pioneered by AWS security specialists, solutions architects, and AWS Professional Services consultants. Building Games on AWS is a collection of YouTube videos that teach game developers how to use AWS for games. To learn more, check out this […]

Rival Peak

Genvid Rival Peak – Customer story

Most people may remember watching reality television such as  Survivor or Big Brother. Today, Genvid has brought a modern twist to this flavor of entertainment through usage of their unique, interactive broadcasting services. Rival Peak has viewers cheer on their favorite of 12 different AI-controlled contestants and help them complete tasks around a mysterious part […]

New World

The Unique Architecture behind Amazon Games’ Seamless MMO New World

An innovative mix of Amazon EC2–powered worlds and microservices are used to create an immersive game that meets the challenging demands of scale New World is a massively popular multiplayer online (MMO) game created by Amazon Games and released in September 2021. Its users create custom characters and enter an expansive, supernatural realm called Aeternum, […]

AWS for Games

AWS for Games – Helping developers create new gaming experiences with purpose-built services, solutions, and partners

Authors: Chris Lee and David Holladay Game developers are embracing industry-wide transformation and pushing the boundaries of gaming experiences. Developers would rather be building fun, innovative games that delight players, versus spending time and effort handling infrastructure. They need servers that can scale with tens of millions of players anywhere in the world at the […]

Gain Insights Into Your Player Base Using The AWS for Games Cohort Modeler

This is the first blog post in a series focusing on the AWS for Games Cohort Modeler. The AWS for Games Cohort Modeler is a deployable solution for developers to map out and classify player relationships and identify like behavior within a player base. Within the code sample is a SAM (Serverless Application Module) template […]