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Offer employees flexible work arrangements while maintaining a secure game pipeline

In recent years, games were mostly built behind key-carded doors. While other tech industries adopted remote work to allow for distributed production, most game studios required employees to work in the office. But distributed production of games is not entirely new. From artists to programmers to producers, in most aspects of game production, there’s some level of distributed development. Still, studio-centric infrastructure makes it challenging to work outside the office because the hardware and data needed for employees to do their jobs aren’t always accessible from other locations.

Game production in the cloud helps creative studios within game companies operate at a level and scale like never before. Now, studios can have multiple pipelines going at the same time without limitations to hardware or performance capabilities. For teams and individuals working remotely, developing in the cloud can increase productivity, expand collaboration outside the boundaries of office walls, and provide flexibility for and attract talented designers.

The cloud makes it possible to expand your talent pool across the globe. For example, single parents who could previously only manage freelance work can now take on full-time jobs. Plus, employees get more flexibility and can work remotely when needed. Instead of taking an entire day off at the last minute to be home for the plumber, an employee can work remotely that day and avoid major disruptions to work.

Game production in the cloud also relieves the security risk of having hardware and intellectual property distributed across employee home environments. No matter the team size or location, studios can trust in AWS for secure infrastructure that protects valuable intellectual property.

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